BREAKING: Russia Just Woke Up To Trump’s BRUTAL Response After They Vowed To Shoot Our Planes Down

American forces shot down a Syrian regime plane and Russia puffed its chest by taunting the USA by suggesting that they’ll shoot any aircraft flying west of the Euphrates in Syria. And no one cares. It’s Syria. Russia and USA should be tag teaming Syria with MOABs until there’s a seven-mile hole

Just In: Turkish Government Investigating Chuck Schumer Over Terrorist Connections

The news is filled with left-wing talk about Trump and Russia, yet they never seem to mention all of the secret connections held by Democrats and foreign governments. Whether it be Maxine Waters’ ties to Russia, or the Clinton Foundation’s ties to, well, everyone, none of that appears to matter since

BREAKING: Dalai Lama Sides With Trump, Tells The TRUTH About Refugees…

The Dalai Lama has come out against the massive influx of refugee resettlement into Europe, taking a very similar stance to President Donald Trump. He’s warning against the continent becoming like Middle Eastern nations, saying the ultimate solution is the eventual repatriation of refugees. Agence France-Presse reports that the Tibetan Buddhism leader said: “When we

EXPOSED! SHOCKWAVES Sent Through Washington – Obama Hid MAJOR Incident From Public!

With help from his lackeys in the press, Obama was able to hide many impeachable crimes. Whether it was his orders to have the IRS target conservative groups or his treasonous capitulation to the Iranians, the failure-in-chief always received a pass. However, now that he’s out of office, the Trump administration has