THEY’RE OVER: Rex Tillerson & James Mattis Just Announced Our Plan For North Korea

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has threatened to the United States. North Korea has been conducting weapon tests and recently they carried out a massive artillery drill. However, the United States are not staying silent. The U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson teamed up with the Secretary of Defense James Mattis

North Korea Fires Rockets & Torpedos, Look What Trump Immediately Shot Back From California!

North Korea just marked the military anniversary with the country’s “largest ever” live-fire artillery drills. Kim Jong Un saluted the army and then fired 300 large-calibre artillery pieces along the Wonsan coast. Then a day later South Korea and the U.S. shot back and conducted military live-fire drills near the North

BREAKING: Trump Just Deployed a Nuclear Submarine After Emergency WH Meeting…Here’s Where It’s Headed

  Several days ago, President Trump received an urgent warning that Kim Jong un was in the “final stages” of preparing a nuclear strike on the United States. As many have scoffed in recent weeks about the military capability of North Korea, the White House began looking at satellite imagery, which

BREAKING: North Korea Just Issued Sinister Threat To US Navy – Now An Emergency Senate Meeting Is Underway

Kim Jong-Un is absolutely nuts and I don’t think anyone will argue with me on that. It seems that this madman is doing his best to push the entire world into nuclear war. The erratic behavior by the North Korean regime has given those in D.C. reason to be very