Shocking: See What Democrats are Giving To Muslim Refugees… Treason?

In Nebraska there are Democrats who are bringing out the welcome wagons for refugees in the area, giving them baskets filled with different goods. One item that was is the basket is causing quiet the stir. BizPac Review reports, The Nebraska Democrat Party is handing new refugees voter registration cards they

Comey WORST NIGHTMARE: DOJ Lawyer With MASSIVE Announcement – Patriots Cheering

Well, Comey is finished. Larry Klayman has divulged some exceuciating information. Comey, Obama, and the rest of those degenerates are going down. Well, thanks to Devin Nunes, Comey’s reign may be ending very soon. Thanks to Klayman and Nunes we can expect some indictments in the near future. From Subject Politics: House



This week, FBI Director James Comey turned on Donald Trump when he said there is no evidence that Barack Obama wiretapped him, and when he confirmed that the bureau is investigating Russia’s role in the election. Comey is understandably deemed untrustworthy by both Democrats and Republicans due mainly to his

Trump Just Did Something To The Secret Service That No President Has EVER Done Before…

The Secret Service is going to get led by someone from the U.S. military for the first time ever. Sources are saying that the announcement will come next week. The timing coincides with a huge amount of White House security breaches that have happened since Trump became President. It has asked