Nikki Haley Sets Internet On Fire, Reveals Cruel Thing Obama Did That Will Shame Him Forever

Nikki Haley just embarrassed Barack Obama for the cruel thing he did to the Cuban people. Look, annoying the Cuban population in South Florida spelled doom for the Dems and Hillary so he probably thought he was doing the right thing. It is just that, as with most things Obama, it backfired.

Facebook’s Top Lawyer Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Senate Floor On Robert Mueller

Under oath, Facebook’s top lawyer, Colin Stretch told the Senate Intelligence Committee, the total amount volume of Russian ads were approximate .004% of Facebook’s newsfeed. That means that the entire storyline that the media has been running to say that Russia used Facebook to get Trump elected is totally false. This needs

BOMBSHELL: 2013 NSA Document Just Surfaced… What It Says Has Obama Fully PANICKING

Bombshell NSA Memo: Saudi Arabia Ordered Attack On Damascus International Airport With US Knowledge… More evidence of Obama’s treachery is surfacing in new top-secret NSA documents.  The documents have been unburied from the cache of leaked intelligence files from Edward Snowden.  They reveal a new and sinister twist the armed opposition

BREAKING: Pence, Trump Drop Massive Surprise On United Nations: “We Will No Longer…

Many of you remember Donald Trump’s strong words towards the U.N. during his campaign. He criticized the organization for allowing such shocking amounts of waste and corruption. At the time he promised to withdraw support for the U.N., if they didn’t change their ways. Since entering office, the Trump administration has

Judge Reveals Scalia Wiretap Bombshell … Media Dead Silent

 The nation is automatically in complete amazement whenever Judge Andrew Napolitano decides to present himself with a public announcement. Much consideration and many questions have come into account after his live interview with FOX news. Judge Scalia is no longer with us, however, Judge Napolitano and Judge Scalia were very close