Breaking: Congress Drops Border Wall BOMBSHELL…Illegals Are Terrified!


Regardless of the political elite’s crooked agenda, the will of the people will always prevail.Washington Insiders have tried for years to subvert the American people’s wishes, but We The People have stood up and made our voices heard.Despite all their tricks and games, politicians are ultimately beholden to the people.They

Top Obama Official Caught In $175 MILLION Scandal, But It Gets Much Worse…

It seems like there is no end to the amount of conspiracies hidden throughout the Obama administration. Every day, more information comes out, and we discover that there was someone else involved in corruption. Janet Napolitano, the former Department of Homeland Security chief, is the next link in the conspiracy chain.

Elizabeth Warren Horrifically Jokes About Wanting to ‘Cut Open Republican Bodies’ [VIDEO]

Boy, Elizabeth Warren is just getting more and more violent in her rhetoric as she goes along. Now, she wants Republicans to donate their bodies to science so she can cut them open… presumably after they are dead. However, one never knows with Fauxcahontas. All this over Republicans not agreeing

BREAKING: Trump Actually Does It! Signs New Order That Will REVERSE Obama’s Arctic Drilling Ban

Drill baby drill! You know that’s what Sarah Palin is saying right about now. Check out the executive order Trump just signed… From Fox News:President Trump signed an executive order Friday that could lead to the expansion of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, saying it will reverse his predecessor’s Arctic leasing

NYT: Proof AG Loretta Lynch DID Collude with Clinton!


Bill Clinton swore all he did was discuss grandkids as he met privately with then AG Loretta Lynch on a small plane on a Phoenix tarmac prior to the election, while Hillary was still under ‘investigation’ by the FBI prior to the election…yeah…right! New evidence proves Loretta Lynch colluded with the

Christians Will Love THIS – Franklin Graham Just Noticed 1 Thing About Trump That Will MAKE YOU Cry Tears Of JOY

As far as a nation’s wellbeing and bearing, the country is in a position to be honored. There is something else going ahead in the White House, and it makes Rev. Franklin Graham grin. via Western Journalism “It’s very encouraging to know that members of the president’s cabinet gather weekly for prayer.

Gowdy to Comey : Cut the bulls**t America knows you are LYING !

Two events took place this week on opposite sides of the world but no matter how great the separation between them might’ve been, they cannot be simultaneously believed. On Monday, F.B.I. Director James Comey said he couldn’t (or, wouldn’t) answer questions about an eight-month old investigation into alleged collusion between the