BREAKING: Robert Mueller ILLEGALLY Appointed to Job As Special Prosecutor

Special Council Mueller is on a roll. He’s doing what he can to discredit the Trump administration, and claim the Russians were directly involved with the Trump campaign. There is zero proof this ever happened. News broke this week that Mueller might have illegally been pointed to his position. If this

BREAKING: 2 Democrats Removed From Office For Horrifying Crime

The FBI is revealing major judicial corruption in Philadelphia, but the mainstream media remains silent. Two Democrat Judges from Philadelphia have been removed from the bench for two separate case-fixing schemes. The crimes were uncovered by an FBI probe into judicial corruption in Pennsylvania. (via Dawn Segal, a Municipal Judge,

HILLARY CONFIDANTE Asked If She’ll Run in 2020 Gives Stunning Answer…Does This Confirm What We’ve Been Thinking? [Video]


Stuart Varney asked Hillary friend and adviser Doug Schoen if Hillary plans on running in 2020…The answer he gives only confirms what we’ve all been saying about Hillary Clinton…she is firmly planted in the corner of delusion. She is one woman who can’t take the blame for her failures but

Obama Caught Committing TREASON Against Trump

Barack Hussein Obama had already made it clear that he would do almost anything to destroy Donald Trump. However, even we didn’t think he would go this far. New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic spy campaign that included snooping

BREAKING: Media Announces Court Has Denied Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ Appeal, but Look What We Discovered…

More action this morning on the President Donald Trump’s travel ban. On Friday night, a federal judge in Seattle placed a nationwide restraining order against imposition of the travel ban until the merits of the ban can be determined. That decision put the travel ban on hold and the DHS stopped all

Breaking: Madonna Just Got The WORST News Yet…Real Americans CELEBRATE! – KARMA

Over the course of the 2016 Presidential Election—and the months since—we have been forced to put up with celebrities and their bloated opinions. Well now it looks like they’re going to have to put up with ours, and it’s hitting them where it hurts the most. We’ve never asked the

BREAKING – Foreign Plot Against Trump Exposed Live On TV. Warn Your Friends.


As it turns out, there was a foreign influence in our election—just not what we thought. All those claims by the Dems were a smokescreen to cover up THEIR plot against Trump! Ukrainian government officials tried to undermine Donald Trump and help Hillary Clinton by disseminating information they thought would illustrate

Charlie Sheen: ‘We Look Forward to Trump’s Impeachment’

Charlie Sheen

There are lot of opinions in this world that have value. Others do not. The ignorant, one-sided opinion of Hollywood Lefties, like Charlie Sheen, are arrogant and absurd. Sheen recently said, “We look forward to Trump’s impeachment.” Sheen’s life of drugs, disease, and antics not only call his credibility into question, they

Democrat John Lewis Said Trump Isn’t a Legitimate President, So Trump RUINED Him Today…

Donald Trump won 30 states and 304 electoral votes in a landslide November win. Let’s take a look at that electoral map again. Wow. That was bad, y’all. Remember how badly we spanked the crooked Democrats this year? I do. Now Democrats are trying to ruin Trump’s presidency before he even