BREAKING : Trump Weighs Lawsuit Against MSNBC for Revealing his Taxes

On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed President Trump’s 2005 tax to the world, proving once and for all that President Trump paid a lot in taxes, $38 million to be exact. What she did may have violated federal privacy laws, and reports indicate that President Trump is considering a lawsuit

Sean Spicer Destroys CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wiretapping ‘You Have Zero Intelligence’ (VIDEO)

Sean Spicer hit back hard during his press briefing when CNN’s Jim Acosta claimed there was no evidence that Donald Trump was wiretapped. ‘You’re a guy with zero intelligence…clearance..’ Hah!This isn’t the first time Jim Acosta has been scolded; Donald Trump told him to his face that he is ‘very

BREAKING: Trump Just Dropped BIG NEWS About “Wiretapping Evidence”

President Donald Trump is not backing away from the accusation that he came under surveillance from the Obama administration. He did an interview with Tucker Carlson Wednesday night covering a raft of topics, noting things will be coming on the allegation. Relevant part starts around 11:00: From Fox News: President Trump discussed his tweeted

Rachel Maddow Breathlessly Releases Donald Trump’s Tax Returns – World Yawns

Rachel Maddow’s over-hyped buildup started out with a single tweet: “BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns,” it breathlessly reported. But an hour and a half later – and after a lengthy lecture about Trump’s reluctance to release his tax returns and a dubious claim to some Russia connection – Maddow finally disclosed

Sean Spicer Said 1 Thing Today To This Reporter That Has Trump Jumping For Joy!

Sean Spicer: “We Are Confident President Will be Vindicated on Wiretapping Allegations.” Sean Spicer told reporters today that President Trump will be vindicated on his wiretapping allegations. This is massive. Get this out there President Trump fans. Sean Spicer just confirmed today that President Trump will be vindicated on his wiretapping

Ted Cruz Finds Obscure Senate Rule That Could Leave Democrats Powerless


Ted Cruz has found an obscure provision in a decades-old rule that could either give Republicans sweeping new authority in their Obamacare replacement bill, or “blow up the Senate.”As it stands, many Republican lawmakers are unhappy that the new GOP healthcare reform bill is not broad enough – that it’s