Trump Points At Man At Rally, Then Gives Him The Surprise Of His Life…


President Donald Trump held a rally today in Melbourne, Florida. Thousands of people came out, some waiting on long lines since 4 a.m. to get into the rally. As Trump arrived and addressed the audience, he noticed someone he recognized from the T.V. news that day. It was a man who had

WATCH: Trump Declares NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN Are ‘The Enemy of The American People!’

Trump Declares Dishonest Media Is The Enemy Of The American People On Friday President Trump doubled down on his stance on the dishonest mainstream media when he sent out a tweet saying: “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of

Ted Cruz introduces one-page bill to abolish Elizabeth Warren’s precious Consumer Agency


Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a one-page bill Tuesday to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the darling of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The Repeal CFPB Act, which Cruz and four other Republican senators sponsored, would repeal the Consumer Protection Act of 2010, the part of the Dodd-Frank

SHOCK REPORT: Insiders Fear Trump Assassination…You Won’t Believe Who It Is!

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Everyone knows the job of American President is not a safe one, but with Democrats, Hollywood and the media “gunning” for him, concerns for his protection are coming on strong pretty early in his tenure.The following story sounds like a conspiracy theory plot right out of a Hollywood thriller, but

President Trump Signed New Executive Orders To Protect Law Enforcement Officials

The recent executive orders signed by President Donald Trump brought many controversies, and the same will sure happen now after he sighed the new orders. The President dedicated his last signatures to public safety, law enforcement, and crime rates.The new executive orders provide resources for law enforcement on every level,

BREAKING: National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Has Resigned


Rumors have been swirling about National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s future at the White House. Long story short, during the administration’s transition period, Flynn spoke to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and told officials like Vice President Mike Pence that the conversation was simple in nature. They exchanged pleasantries and that

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Could Barely Hide His Shock When Trump Said These 10 Words [VIDEO]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looked like a deer in the headlights when Donald Trump began talking about “the important role women play in our economies” during their joint press conference on Monday. WATCH: “Both of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people,” Trump told the room

Woman Born In Nazi Germany Asked If Trump’s Like Hitler, Her Response Is VIRAL

Hitler led what is considered the largest atrocity against a “people” in modern times. And that is the person to which today’s liberals compare our president, Donald J. Trump.Marion Ingeborg Andrews, who lived under Hitler in Germany, shared her perspective, “Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants

Trump’s New UN Ambassador Just Did Something No One Saw Coming


Sooner or later, liberals are going to learn that when President Trump says something, he means to do it. It doesn’t matter if his statements go well beyond anything any president has done before. Trump doesn’t care about precedent. He’s blazing a new trail. So for those who have already come