This Small-Town Mayor Needed Help, So Trump Gave Him A Call- What Happens Next Is INCREDIBLE

President Trump just did an awesome thing for the town of Tangier, a small island community in the Chesapeake Bay. The island has been suffering from terrible erosion over the past few years, at a rate of 15 ft per year, which could drastically affect its long-term habitability. The mayor, James

BREAKING: ANOTHER Republican Member Of Congress Just ATTACKED – Civil War Is About To Erupt

Today has been a particularly bloody Wednesday for the country after a lone gunman walked into a baseball game members of Congress were practicing for this morning and opened fire. James Hodgkinson may have been the only shooter on the field this morning, but he’s not alone in his resolved

The AMAZING Thing Trump Did After Surprising Rep Scalise At The Hospital Brought Americans To Tears!

Americans were left stunned yesterday when a left-wing gunman attempted to assassinate Republican members of Congress in Alexandria, VA. The gunman, James “Tom” Hodgkinson, opened fire and wounded 5 people, including Congressman Steve Scalise. The crazed gunman would have claimed more victims had it not been for the Capital Police who bravely returned

ALERT: Democrat Launches Nasty Coup Against Trump. Please Pray.

Even since before the day that it was announced that President Trump won the election, he has dealt with a hard backlash from Democrats. It is strange how blindly persistent they are and how quickly their arguments can be dismantled with logic.According to his official Twitter page, California Democrat Brad

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Gets ATF Agent To Spill The Beans On 3 Huge Obama Secrets


South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is kicking tail again. This time, Gowdy managed to break down an ATF special agent and got him to admit some TROUBLING information about Obama. Gowdy recently questioned a former ATF special agent named John Dodson. By the end, we learned that EVERYONE knew about “Fast

(VIDEO)”A GENIUS IN THE OVAL OFFICE” World Renowned Psychiatrist says Trump’s “Crazy Like A Fox”

No, Donald J. Trump is not crazy. He’s “crazy like a fox” according to world renowned psychiatrist Keith Ablow. Donald Trump may do things differently than anyone has ever done things, but it’s not just “off the cuff” as it may look. Trump has a genius mind, and everything he

WATCH: In 1942 Gene Autry Predicted Everything Trump is Saying TODAY! Makes you PROUD to be an AMERICAN!

For people coming from other countries, living in United States is a privilege, not a right. This country was created by immigrants who came to the United States because they loved and respected the United States of America. People who come here legally and respect our values will always be


First lady Melania Trump has reportedly invited her husband’s supporters to join in on signing a card for his 71st birthday on Wednesday. The first lady recently sent out an email which stated, “I need your help to make it a birthday my husband will never forget.” “Our celebrations always include family

AWW! Melania Needs Every Trump Supporter To Do This One Thing For Her Husband’s Birthday

First Lady Melania Trump reached out to President Trump supporters in an email Thursday night with a special request—the President’s birthday is next week, and she wants everyone to sign his birthday card! This might be the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day. The President will be turning 71 June 14th,