Veterans Going Crazy After Trump Pulled Out His Secret Weapon To Protect Our Vets!


President Trump took time out of his day on Thursday to show how much he respects and honors our military and its veterans. He visited VA offices and thanked our amazing veterans for their service. But, even more, he signed an executive order called Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at

EVERYONE Is Turning Their Head At Shocking Thing Trump Did In The Wee Hours Of The Night

President Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Canada both agreed last night to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), according to the White House. Trump said on Thursday that he was willing to “terminate” the trade agreement if they couldn’t make a “fair deal.” *** SEE WHAT TRUMP’S

IT’S OVER: Trump Just Went NUCLEAR All Over Obama And Clintons’ Legacy

I can’t think of any sneakier and more crooked US Presidents than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. One of the most sickening tricks they used was hiding agendas and declaring “national monuments” so Republicans couldn’t stop them. Well, President Donald Trump just put an end to that… Today he ordered a

SEAN HANNITY FIGHTS BACK! After Being Accused of Harassment, He Just Unleashed a Brutal Response

Bill O’Reilly was forced to resign last week, amid sexual harassment accusations. Many believe this was a coordinated leftist attack, to line up accusations and take down O’Reilly. Now, Sean Hannity is now in the crosshairs! According to The Gateway Pundit, Anti-Trump Blogger Debbie Schlussel has accused Sean Hannity of

TRUMP JUST WON! Reporters Are FREAKING Out About What He Just Did Today


The “White House Correspondents Dinner” is an annual event where the mainstream media goes in Washington DC and listens to a liberal comedian Bash Republicans.The President usually attends, but Trump has already said he will not be attending. Now today, Trump announced that he will be holding a MASSIVE rally

HE DID IT! Trump Just BURIED The Democratic Party Forever With This Surprise Announcement

President Trump just turned Washington UPSIDE DOWN! He just announced a “MASSIVE TAX CUT” that will be unveiled next week. This is the Democrats WORST nightmare, as they know most Americans would LOVE a Tax Cut! Just the latest example of Trump following through on his promises, and the Democrats

Out of this World! Trump Just SAVED Taxpayers This Much so Far!

As promised during his campaign, President Donald Trump made certain that he would in fact cut taxes in this country; relieving the awful tax burdens, delivering economic growth, and putting back into America’s pockets. After three months into his new presidency, President Trump has followed through by keeping his word,

JAW DROPPING STUDY Reveals How Much MONEY Trump Has Saved TAXPAYERS In Just 3 Months … INCREDIBLE!


In just few months from election, Trump understood exactly what economic climate businesses needed to thrive. Trump’s inauguration day brought another surge of market optimism, leading to one of the best job growth quarters in a generation. Nevertheless, liberals continue to opposed Trump’s agenda. This new study will SURELY SHUT THEIR mouths…

WARNING: Anti-Trump “Shadow Government” Planning Horrifying Move Against America

In a shocking parallel to 1929, the Shadow Government is planning to try and take down President Trump and our country in one swift motion. How could we possibly allow a takeover to happen?A recent announcement from the chair of the Federal Reserve shows that they are planning on increasing