Folks, Kellyanne Conway Just Got Some BAD News From Liberals…

Kellyanne Conway

Here comes the politics of personal destruction again. This time aimed at Kellyanne Conway. From The Hill: A group of 15 law professors nationwide has reportedly filed a professional misconduct complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, saying she “brings shame upon the legal profession.” […] “We do not file this complaint lightly,” the

BREAKING : Trump Calls DNC Chair Race “RIGGED”

President Trump took to Twitter to call out the DNC Chair race as yet another “rigged” election.Bernie Sanders was backing failed chair hopeful Keith Ellison, a radical racist with a checkered past, but a man who had strong support from big names in the Democrat party like, Chuck Schumer and

TRUMP IS IN DANGER! Look At Horrible Thing Arnold Just Threatened To Do To Him…

Isn’t there a law against threatening physical harm towards the President of the United States? Because that is EXACTLY what Arnold Schwarzenegger just did in his new interview with Men’s Journal. Schwarzenegger said that he wanted to Smash Trump’s face through a table if he ever saw him! He told the journal, ‘I

Caitlyn Jenner posts ‘urgent’ message for Trump over trans rollback: From one Republican to another…

It’s probably safe to say that this isn’t going to do it, but Caitlyn Jenner took a stab at changing Trump’s mind anyway. Jenner spoke out after President Donald Trump removed federal guidelines for transgender students in schools. Transgender advocates were angry with Jenner for not speaking after the president removed a

VIDEO : Liberals Will HATE this! Sean Spicer Defines Ivanka’s White House Role


Sean Spicer explained to reporters exactly what Ivanka’s White House role.Liberals, especially women, ironically, have targeted Ivanka, so any “power role” that she plays will bother them. Spicer said that Ivanka’s role is one of support, and also INPUT regarding the issues hat she is passionate about.That’s right liberals…….This strong, smart,

Trump Vows To Cut Waste In His Upcoming Budget Plan

Less than a month before his first budget presentation to the nation, President Donald Trump said Wednesday he is declaring war on waste. “I want the American people to know that our budget will reflect their priorities. We’ll be directing all of our departments and agencies to protect every last American

BREAKING: Trump to Undo Major Obama Transgender Rule

The Department of Justice is reportedly set to undo former President Barack Obama’s rules about transgender students in a move that would see these decisions given back to the states. “That’s an issue that the Department of Justice the Department of Education are addressing, and I think there will be further

BREAKING: Melania Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement – Michelle Obama is FUMING


During her husband’s sham of a presidency, Michelle Obama enjoyed spending millions of our tax dollars to fund lavish vacations for herself and her daughters. Melania Trump, however, has no intention of wasting our hard-earned tax dollars on her own lifestyle. Freedom Daily reported that Donald and Melania Trump have announced that

POLL : Will you Purchase Something from the Ivanka Trump Brand?

In 2007, Ivanka seized an opportunity to launch a jewelry collection with a potential partner in real estate—an acquaintance with longstanding ties to the luxury jewelry market and significant expertise in diamonds. She was drawn to the idea of creating a jewelry line for women buying for themselves. The concept of

James Woods jumps on stage, hijacks award show during host Patton Oswalt’s anti-Trump jokes


James Woods stole the spotlight, and a shoe, from Patton Oswalt at the WGA Awards.Comedian Patton Oswalt hosted the event on Sunday and incorporated an ample amount of jokes knocking President Donald Trump, who he’s made no secret of loathing on social media. At one point the “King of Queens” star