BUSTED: Shocking Video Just Surfaced That Will Make Frederica Wilson Drop To Her Knees And APOLOGIZE To Trump

Someone needs to tell Congresswoman Wilson that if she plans to attack someone over something they said, make sure that you aren’t on video saying the EXACT SAME THING! Last week, Frederica Wilson hit a new low for Democrats and criticized President Trump over a condolence call made to the widow

NFL Players Struck Dumb By Barkley And Shaq’s Easy Solution To Protests That Honors, Not Trashes Flag

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neill just offered a very simple, totally patriotic, guaranteed to work, solution to all NFL players protesting the flag. And one that actually honors, not trashes America. Basically they just drew a red line in the sand and said put you godamn money where your mouths are or

Just In: Gold Star Widow Releases Video Of Entire Private Call With President Trump – What It Reveals PROVES Once & For All Trump Was Right

The lowest form of human life is people who seek to benefit from the tragedies that befall of others. In the past this included low lives that scanned the obituaries for the times of interment so that they could rob their homes while loved ones were at the services. But Congresswoman Fredericka