Finally Trump Gives FBI The Order – Obama in Full Panic Mode

President Trump has been dealing with a lot of nonsense from his critics and the mainstream media since he took his Presidential Oath. It looks like he has finally had ENOUGH! According to: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to announce a multiple-tier investigation into the criminal leakers that plague our

BREAKING: President Trump ‘Ready’ To Prosecute Hillary Over This New Scandal

President Donald Trump says he is ready to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over claims she accepted millions of dollars in Russian bribes in exchange for approving the Uranium One deal.  Trump took to Twitter Thursday, slamming the mainstream media for ignoring the bombshell revelations about Clinton. reports:  “Uranium deal

‘Get A Powerful Attorney’ – Trump SENDS HUGE WARNING To Obama After What His Investigators Just Found At the White House

Trump has been dealing with a lot of nonsense from his critics and the mainstream media since he took his Presidential Oath. It looks like he has finally had ENOUGH! President Donald Trump is warning Barack Obama to “get a good attorney” after what his team of investigators just found within


THE FBI HAS FINALLY ADMITTED THAT HILLARY KNOWINGLY ENGAGED IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY; WHICH MEANS SHE DOES BELONG IN PRISON. But we already knew that. Now will she actually be prosecuted for her crimes? With all of the political pressure on the FBI and their seemingly liberal bias, it seems like a long

JUST IN: This Evidence Destroys Democrats’ Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory

A meeting between California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may ultimately lead to dismissal of the narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC to aide President Trump. Recently, Rohrabacher met Assange in London where he’s in political exile within the Ecuadorian Embassy. Via the Washington Times: Mr. Rohrabacher said little

Trump was RIGHT! 3.5 Mil. MORE Voters Registered than ALIVE! [VIDEO]

New Report Confirms 3.5 MILLION MORE ADULTS Registered To Vote Than Are Alive…No Wonder the Leftist Media Predicted Hillary Would Win? Flashback to 2016. The lying leftist pundits, like Nate Silver and George Stephanopoulos (seen below) reported with near certainty the Donald J. Trump could not win the general election against

FEDERAL LAWSUIT! Florida Election Employees Caught Faking 1,000’s of Stolen Absentee Ballots in Massive Voter Fraud Scheme!


There is a federal lawsuit going on in Florida alleging voter fraud and friend of Hillary, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes has begun to testify. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the conservative American Civil Rights Union in federal court in 2016. Broward County reported that close to 103 percent

Look What Obama Planted in Oval Office Before Leaving… This is CRIMINAL


Obama made a show of promising a smooth transition of power after Donald Trump’s victory. Obama lied. And while that should come as no great surprise – his deceit has been on display for 8 years, after all – the depth of Obama’s sinister agenda is nonetheless shocking. In other words, no one

BUSTED! Obama White House & FBI Secretly Spied On Social Media Accounts On Election Day

The Obama administration teamed up with the FBI to spy on social media accounts on election day. The excuse? To monitor ‘Russian interference.’ Security officials were specifically searching for accounts distributing ‘fake news.’  Daily Caller reports: Dozens of FBI officials monitored social media on Election Day 2016 looking for “fake news” being spread as part

High-Ranking Republican Congressman REVEALS Mueller’s DIRTY CRIMES and Calls For IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION as Special Counsel

Role of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has become more politicized every single day. Mueller was allegedly appointed to probe whether or not President Trump or his team colluded with Russia during the election. Thus far, intelligence agencies and Robert Mueller had to find any proof, but if there was it would be leaked by