SHOCKING: Look How Much Money Liberal Has Paid For FAKE Report On Trump Bribes

How many media “bombshells” on Donald Trump have backfired thus far? The first that comes to mind is the the dossier Buzzfeed published before the election. The website behind hard hitting pieces such as “how trash are your Dunkin Donuts opinions,” “you can only eat chocolate if you pass this quiz,”

BREAKING VIDEO : New Report Reveals Hillary May Have Received over 800K votes from Illegals

A new report reveals that Hillary Clinton may have received over 800K votes from illegals. This number seems conservative since we know illegals in California are given drivers licenses at the same place where Americans register to vote. Also, Barack Obama basically “invited” illegals to vote in the 2016 election. WATCH: source

Rosie O’Donnell Calls for Martial Law to Stop Trump From Becoming President

Ah, what would we do without comedienne and longtime Trump foe, Rosie O’Donnell?If you think your life is ever too challenging or too over the edge, you can always say, “But there goes Rosie.” On Wednesday evening, she called for the use of martial law to stop the president-elect’s inauguration

Nicole Kidman Just Surprised Every Single American With What She Said About Trump!

Nicole Kidman just stood up to all the losers in Hollywood. She has dual citizenship in America and Australia. She wants people to accept the fact that Hillary lost. “[TRUMP IS] NOW ELECTED AND WE, AS A COUNTRY, NEED TO SUPPORT WHOEVER IS THE PRESIDENT,” KIDMAN SAID ON A BBC INTERVIEW

Attention Starved Celebs Flock to D.C. to “Protest” Trump Inauguration

Donald Trump

A horde of attention-starved celebs who live in a bubble and feel the need to get some cheap publicity are flocking to Washington, D.C. to “protest” during the Trump Inauguration.Many originally had promised to leave the Country if Trump was elected but sadly appear to be reneging. From Smokeroom:On Monday, organizers

CRINGE VIDEO : Democrats Try One More Time to Overturn Election Results


During the congressional affirmation of the electoral vote today, a bunch of sore loser democrats could not help but try one last time to “overturn election results” with a series of ridiculous “objections.” The result is a CRINGE fest. When will these crybabies grow up? We are not holding our breath

KNEW IT! Jill Stein’s Recount May Have Failed, but Look How Much Money She’s Receiving from It…

Jill Stein

One of Jill Stein’s election slogans was “It’s In Our Hands”. Well, it appears it is in their hands now. According to the Red Alert Politics, the Green Party’s nominee will get a $2 million dollar refund from her recount effort. The Green Party nominee raised more money for her recount effort than

VIDEO : Whoopi Goldberg Says Trump Won Because the Media Went Too Easy On Him


The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump won the election because the media failed to thoroughly fact-check him during his campaign. As the show’s panel discussed the prevailing mainstream media narrative that “fake news” influenced the presidential election in favor of Trump, Goldberg claimed another contributing factor

Incoming press secretary: We should be talking about ‘punishing’ Clinton for manipulating election [VIDEO]


Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Sunday that instead of going along with the narrative that the Russians somehow launched Donald Trump to victory over Hillary Clinton during November’s presidential election, America should be discussing how to “punish” Clinton for “trying to influence the election.” During an interview on

Bask in How Wrong Leftists Were Predicting ‘Trump Will Not Be President’ [VIDEO]


They all said it: Hollywood celebrities, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders -- Trump WILL NOT be president of the United States. ABC's George Stephanopoulos laughed at the suggestion. Late-night comedians poked fun. The View hosts were extremely confident it was an impossibility. Even some Republicans shrugged him off as