CAREER OVER: Kathy Griffin Is ANGRY That Nobody Wants Her. What’s Your Response?

Kathy Griffin recently decided to be “edgy” and “cool” by taking pictures of herself holding up a severed, bloody head that represented President Trump. NOW, Griffin is getting what she deserves! NO ONE wants Kathy anymore. All of her gigs are canceled, every single one, per the Daily Wire. Not only did Griffin lose

ANOTHER ONE: Johnny Depp Is Calling For Death Of POTUS Trump…

All you need is hate. Actor Johnny Depp called for the assassination of President Donald Trump at a Q & A at the Glastonbury Festival in England on Thursday, reported the Guardian. The audience cheered the mention of Trump’s assassination, according to a concurrent report by the Telegraph. Johnny Depp, image via Twitter fan

Trump In Immediate Danger After Who Sick Democrats Snuck Into White House Overnight

And the Swamp is striking back. But this time right under the nose of President Donald Trump and his administration. Special Counsel to the fake Russia probe created by the Democrat Party because they can’t believe they got their collective asses royally kicked by an outsider in the 2016 Presidential Election, Robert Mueller,

PAYBACK: Senate to Probe Obama Administration For Obstruction of Justice

The Democrats have exposed themselves to a legal probe since using former FBI Director, James Comey as a weapon to investigate the Trump administration.  After an 8 year crime spree under the Obama administration, the Democrats think they are invincible so their own arrogance will be used to hang them. Paul Sperry