After Jimmy Kimmel Accused Trump of Sexual Assault, This SICK Video of Him Leaked That’ll End His Career

In case you haven’t seen, Late Night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel has recently appointed himself arbiter of all that is right in this world. Just a couple days ago, he FINALLY condemned Liberal Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinsten, who was just accused of Sexual abuse and rape. But then Kimmel compared Donald

VIDEO: Huckabee KNOCK OUT Jim Acosta’s Lame Trump Conspiracy Theory!

During a recent press briefing on Friday, Acosta asked Huckabee a “gotcha” type question about President Trump’s recent “calm before the storm” comments. Acosta implied that the president may be intentionally trying to “keep his adversaries guessing” by making “unsettling, off-putting comments.” “I think the president addressed this himself. He doesn’t want

SPECIAL REPORT: Look What George Soros is Accused of Orchestrating

george soros

From Washington Examiner: Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., suggested Thursday that George Soros, a major Democratic donor, was behind the August white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that led to clashes with counterprotesters. In an interview with Vice News, Gosar initially said the Unite the Right rally may have been orchestrated by the