Finally Solid Evidence Found How Barack Obama Secretly Stealing the Whole Time While He Was in Office

Now we know how former President Barack Hussein Obama went into the office of the president being worth 1.8 million dollars and came out with a net worth of over 13 million. Quite the feat considering the annual salary of an American President is around $400,000! Last week shareholders of the crumbling Fannie

BREAKING: Federal Agents Just Raided Wasserman-Schultz’s House and What They Found Is Unbelievable

Since Donald Trump went into office, liberals in any possible way continue to prove how far they’re willing go in order to bury their dirty secrets. Members of the DNC will simply kill off whoever stands in the way of their agenda, as evidenced by the body of lawyer Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. washing

“A Big Fat Ugly Lie!” Trump just Put REPUBLICANS On NOTICE! Obamacare must go.

On Monday President Trump spoke at the White House in front of an audience of families with children. Many of these families had sick children and had been financially ruined by Obamacare while their kids could still not get all the help they needed. (VIDEO BELOW) From the President: For the past

JUST IN: “Deep State” Caught Red-Handed Cover-Up Sick Hillary Crime – Trump Is Furious

The people at Judicial Watch have been pushing for justice in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, but they’ve hit a roadblock. Some of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but the attorney working for the State Department has said their client shouldn’t have to publish the