BREAKING: Tragic News About President George H.W. Bush

Former president George H.W. Bush has been admitted into Houston Methodist Hospital to be treated for pneumonia. (via KHOU).Fortunately, his pneumonia has been described as “mild.”However, at 92-years-old, even the mildest case of pneumonia could be potentially deadly. Our former president is under constant watch.Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman stated: “President Bush is in very good spirits and is being held for further observation while he regains his strength.”

This is Bush’s second visit to Houston Methodist Hospital for a case of pneumonia. The former president spent two weeks there in January of this year, around the time of his 72nd wedding anniversary.Thus far, Bush has been able to pull through everything that’s been thrown at him, in regard to illnesses. Even McGrath is hopeful saying, “He is already well on the path to recovery.”Bush is already regulated to a wheelchair, as his Parkinson’s disease continues to worsen with each year that goes by. However, that hasn’t stopped him from living live to its fullest.The younger generation may not remember our former president — who held office in the White House from ’89 to ’93 — but we do. We also remember his wonderful son, the brave cowboy-esque George W. Bush. The Bush family has done a lot for our great nation, and, as patriots, it’s our duty to keep their legend alive, and educate the younger generations. The mainstream media and liberal history classes haven’t always painted a good — or even fair — picture of the Bush family, so it’s our job to tell the REAL story.