BREAKING: O’Reilly FIRED At Fox News, But Look Who’s Replacing Him…

After being the victim of a leftist character assassination, Bill O’Reilly is exiting Fox News. Unfortunately for the Left and mainstream media goons, Tucker Carlson is replacing Bill O’Reilly for the coveted 8 o’clock time-slot. (via The Hill) You can check out some of our favorite Tucker “The Bruiser” Carlson moments below.

We welcome Tucker Carlson with open arms. Carlson has proven time and time again that he is a vicious bulldog, who will not succumb to liberal attacks. Tucker Carlson is a true patriot. He is fearless, and he has has shown that he has teeth. There has never been a liberal to succeed against Tucker.Carlson is the type of journalist we can rely on to deliver us the truth. He has withstood attacks and has launched a successful offensive career against conservative-hating liberals.Carlson’s victims have included famous celebrity liberals, such as “Bill Nye the so-called Science guy.” Whenever there is a leftist acting out of line, Tucker has been there to put them in their place.

Fox News has made a wise decision putting Tucker on. This is a huge move for Fox News, and we are excited to watch Tucker deliver. The mainstream media will no doubt try to cover this story in a negative manner, but Carlson has yet to be defeated, and it is unlikely that they will succeed in smearing his character.Democrats hate talking to Carlson, and for good reason — they have never beat him. Carlson goes straight for the jugular, and he is always prepared.Dear Tucker Carlson, we support you and we wish you the best in your new time slot. Thank goodness there is still a decent journalist out there.Carlson is a professional at holding liars accountable. His entire motto is to attack “group think” and other divisive tactics. He is adept at dismantling leftist strategies, and we look forward to watching him brutalize the mainstream media. Tucker Carlson is the perfect journalist for the Trump era. He is perhaps the only journalist that represents the will of the people. Hopefully more journalists will follow the honorable path that Carlson has laid out for other journalists. The mainstream media needs to know that this is the type of journalist we want.