BREAKING: Obama Implicated in SICK Liberal Plot to Take Down Trump

Obama is still exerting heavy influence over American politics — despite the courteous tradition of former presidents avoiding politics out of deference to their successor. Former President Obama is terrified that President Trump will dismantle his legacy by out-performing the weak-willed commander-in-chief. Now, Obama is diverting resources to fight Trump’s agenda by attacking Republican Congressmen seeking election in 2018. (via Dennis Michael Lynch) The nonprofit group Organizing for Action (OFA) is attempting to generate “grassroots” support against House incumbents in districts where President Trump received less than 50 percent of the vote.

The Obama-linked organization is planning a campaign that will accuse Republican Congressmen of offering a “rubber stamp” for the supposedly dangerous policies of President Trump. OFA has a long political history attached to Barack H. Obama. The corrupt group was originally created by Obama after winning the election in 2008. The group was designed to generate support for Obama’s legislative efforts. OFA was rebranded as Obama for America during the former president’s reelection campaign in 2012, before finally culminating in Organizing for Action with the same goals as Organizing for America. Yes, the same organization has masked itself with three different names.The latest reincarnation of the Obama political machine will target 34 Republican incumbents that are considered vulnerable. The organization plans to attack them as surrogates of President Trump.

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit is not allowed to advocate for any candidate, and is instead attempting to rally voters against Republicans. The organization is also hoping to drive a wedge between President Trump and Republicans in the House. The Democrats have always had the organizational and financial upper hand against Republicans. A large section of the Democrats’ base are professional activists or community organizers who have nothing better to do outside of political organizing and smoking lots of weed. Republicans, on the other hand, have jobs and families that require their attention. Additionally, the Democrats have the financial support of Wall Street cronies and Hollywood liberals. The Democrats have the resources, but conservatives have the Right. We need to stand up against these globalist forces to ensure President Trump can continue his mission to drain the swamp.

We need to organize against Obama’s political cronies. Helping President Trump enact the will of the people should be celebrated and not used as a line of attack. Winning the election was just the beginning of the fight against the establishment. President Trump will need our support for the next eight years, and we cannot ignore the essential midterm elections.