BREAKING: James Comey Just Did The Unthinkable! What Happens Next Could Change Everything…

I think we all knew it was coming, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t HUGE news. If you thought that James Comey was gone after Donald Trump fired him, you were dead wrong.

Earlier this week, Jason Chaffetz invited Comey to testify before a public hearing in Congress. Well, look what happened…

Today Comey announced that he WILL be testifying in public on why he was fired and any Russian interference.

I’m sure Democrats across the board are already flying their “Victory” banners. Here is the problem, James Comey has not testified yet so nobody knows what he will say.

Oh, and you cannot forget that Donald Trump already said Comey and anyone else will find nothing wrong. There is not any reason to assume he is lying, so they literally have nothing.

On the other hand, we will finally get answers on President Trump’s dinner with Comey and the alleged “Loyalty pledge” and “Flynn request” Dems are hounding on.

I think when it turns out that Trump is not the criminal mastermind they fear, they gotta be held accountable. These kinds of rumors do a lot of damage to a country.

Anyways, we gotta get this shared out so everyone knows what’s coming. The hearing should be right after Memorial day, so until then you can bet the Leftist media will be going Nusto!