BREAKING : Israeli-Born Natalie Portman SHUTS DOWN Meryl Streep For Disrepecting Israel At Golden Globes

Meryl Streep blew up the internet with her anti-Trump rant at the Golden Globes. But she made another comment during her speech that also had people talking. From Heat Street:

The latest embarrassment comes after Streep was accused of being “anti-Israel” after she said in her remarks that Portman hailed from just “Jerusalem” rather than “Jerusalem, Israel”. The controversial citation — Israel has been engaged in a longstanding dispute with the Palestinians over the ownership of Jerusalem — came during Streep’s argument that Hollywood was “crawling with outsiders and foreigners” which was widely construed as an attack on President-elect Donald Trump’s perceived nationalism.

Streep recognized other stars in the crowd by noting the countries where they were born. Portman was the only one she listed without a country. Streep has been a fervent supporter of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She was one of the few invited to Obama’s farewell shindig. Many have interpreted Streep’s non-inclusion of the country as in keeping with the Democrat’s anti-Jerusalem sentiment. Even Kellyanne Conway, a top advisor to President-elect Donald Trump, expressed displeasure with Streep’s remarks.

Barack Obama is so virulent on the subject that the White House changed as press release that mistakenly listed Jerusalem, Israel, to simply Jerusalem. As the Free Beacon reports:Severing Jerusalem from Israel is a tactic of anti-Zionists who advocate for a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Obama administration stripped “Israel” from the dateline Jerusalem in an official communication from the funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres last fall.