BREAKING : Donna Brazile FINALLY Admits She Cheated For Hillary

Donna Brazile, the former DNC Chairperson who was disgraced after emails leaked by Wikileaks showed she and Hillary Clinton cheated during a Democrat primary debate hosted by CNN.Brazile obtained the debate questions ahead of time from a reported “CNN employee,” and then shared the questions with Hillary, giving her an edge over her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.Up until now, Brazile refused to admit she handed the questions over to Hillary.

From Washington Examiner “Veteran Democratic operative Donna Brazile finally admitted that she used her former position as a CNN commentator to relay questions ahead of debates to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary. For months, Brazile has avoided confirming that hacked emails from the campaign showed her forwarding the questions, which were asked at separate debates. But in a new essay for Time magazine looking back on the hackings, she said it was true.

“[I]n October, a subsequent release of emails revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and [Democratic National Committee] Vice Chair prior to assuming the interim D.N.C. Chair position was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” she said.
As recently as February, Brazile would only say that the emails “allegedly” showed her forwarding the questions.

In her Time essay, however, she said she was remorseful. “My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen,” she said. “But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.” Brazile has since resigned from CNN.