BOOM! Russians Humiliate Hillary, Tell Cold Hard Truth About Why She Was Defeated

It is definitely a brave new world in American politics. Instead of owning up to anything, the liberals within the Democrat party play the blame game.

But, the only people buying this nonsense anymore are the liberals themselves. Even the Russian embassy, on its Twitter page, said that no one else is buying Hillary’s stale pseudo-intellectual drivel any longer.

Hillary Clinton has always been fundamentally flawed. Americans have lived under pseudo-intellectual elites for so long that Clinton thought she could make her superiority complex a winning strategy.

Donald Trump’s decision to run was first and foremost was to challenge the establishment and the status quo. He was frustrated that our own country never came first to these career politicians and that is why he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

A very young Donald Trump was once asked by Oprah whether he would ever run for president, and his response was very telling. “If it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally, because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country,” Trump said. “We’re really making other people live like kings, and we’re not.” (via Huffington Post)

If the liberal reaction to Donald Trump’s victory is any indication, then the entitlement culture has finally reached critical mass. Liberals and Hillary Clinton both believed it was her turn to be president, like the presidency is something you just stand in line for.

Simply put, everyday Americans have stopped buying the sense of entitlement from career politicians. They saw Hillary’s a fatal flaw, that she talked down to people, instead of working for them. She was unable to put We the People before her greed. And, absurdly, she expected a coronation, not an election.

Of course, the most glaring example of her poor attitude was her “basket of deplorables” speech, which will literally go down in history as an election-losing gaffe. Clinton still doesn’t realize that Americans are much smarter than she’s ever thought they are.

If even the Russians realize Hillary Clinton talks down to people, then how do you think ordinary Americans must have felt? For us, Clinton’s campaign brewed up a perfect storm of complete mistrust and anger.

Donald Trump articulated our frustration with this sense of entitlement and with career politicians in general. The liberals are still playing this pseudo-intellectual game, pointing fingers, faking outrage, and they just don’t understand why none of those tactics are working anymore.

The message is clear and the messenger is the Russians. Hillary lost and she only has herself to blame.