BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Secretly Spied on Conservative Hero. Surprised?

The evidence against Barack Obama keeps piling up, and this time the media cannot explain it away. During the Department of Justice prosecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio that occurred from 2008-2010, the NSA was electronically surveiling Arizona judges as well as the Sheriff’s Office for Maricopa County. Then Attorney General Eric Holder even had DOJ attorneys maintain phone call discussions with the judge assigned to the case, via InfoWars.

A timeline of the case against the sheriff was created by Operation Dragnet, a whistleblower organization, which made this information public through a government hearing. This information detailed the 2008 NSA surveillance of Arpaio, which focused on the prior year’s arrest of Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres. The DOJ accused Arpaio of arresting Hispanics based on discrimination. Arpaio placed car-stop procedures that many liberals and Democrats believed to be racial profiling, which is not a shock considering liberals use the race card whenever they can. In order to prosecute Arpaio and remove him from his position, Obama and his administration allegedly used illicit government surveillance methods to bring him up on charges. The DOJ and the NSA were working together to bring this patriot down!

It is also believed that the DOJ meddled in Arpaio’s case several times, talking with judges through private communications and using several national law firms, which would suggest the judges tampered with the case to make sure Arpaio was convicted.The case working against Sheriff Arpaio was developed by Tom Perez, a Washington D.C. lawyer who had a background in La Raza activism and who is currently the DNC chairman. In 2008, he was the assistant attorney general of the Civil Rights Division under the Department of Justice, which was, of course, under Attorney General Eric Holder.

In April of last year, Arpaio was a defendant in a jury trial after many years of serving the American people in law enforcement. This sheriff of 23 years was held on criminal contempt charges in the case of Manuel Melendres, and he could have been put into jail for six months if the court had found him guilty. The timeline suggests the NSA used electronic surveillance to watch the federal judge on the case, G. Murray Snow, and listened in on a conversation between Snow and the DOJ in 2009. Snow has never been on Arpaio’s side and has made several disparaging comments about him in the past, yet he was assigned to the case after another judge, Mary Murgula, recused herself.

According to the timeline, many conversations occurred over the phone between Snow and the DOJ, and the NSA heard all of them. This timeline also indicates that the DOJ ordered the wiretap from the NSA to survey conversations to and from the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office and its police officers — this includes Arpaio’s office, home, and cell numbers. Obama and his administration were using government tools to spy on Arpaio and the Sheriff’s Office, working in secret to make sure he was removed from his position. Arpaio was one of the best sheriffs in the nation, but because of his unyielding stand on illegal immigration, Obama and his lackeys tried to destroy him. This is the truth of Democrats, and this needs to be seen by President Donald Trump, Congress, and the entire population!