Bitterly Cold


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ON OUR FARM, WE TRY TO USE EVERY PART OF OUR ANIMALS SO I’LL GATHER THE FEATHERS MAKE EARRINGS AND HAIR BOWS AND YOU CAN ALSO USE THE FEATHERS LIKE ON OTHER ANIMALS AND MAKE PILLOWS. WE USED THEM ON OUR FARM, Hi good Thursday morning I’m Pamela Wright. the big story of course the bitter cold air that’s in place. temperature wise we are more than 20 colder than we were this time yesterday and that puts us in the single digits throughout most of western North Carolina 19 in Abbeville 13 in Greenville 12 in Spartanburg and we do have a bit of a breeze coming in from the north and northwest so with that we find well windchills well below zero in western North Carolina below zero in Greenville as well in the teens in single digits dangerously cold throughout all of the upstate in northeast Georgia. satellite radar definitely dry air and clear skies we will see a lot of sunshine today but temperatures will struggle even to reach 30 in the upstate she’ll take all afternoon to even get out of the 20 same in Spartanburg And in Asheville a beautiful but bitterly cold day temperatures hope possibly getting out of the 20s by later this afternoon here’s will find several days Greenville Spartanburg and Anderson the Arctic air in place today and it’s very cold again tonight just not as cold looking at 17 for an overnight low 43 for Friday low 40s for the weekend but dry and then a cold rain comes in early next week with our highs only in the 40s Ashevillandendersonvle bitter cold tod tonight or in the teens once again mid-30s for Friday and Saturday staying dry Sunday with 40 and then still colder in place and moisture coming in so were keeping the possibility of a wintry mix in to start out the week but a cold rain often on through the middle of next week.


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