BREAKING: Bombshell Evidence Surfaces In Hillary Email Case, Media Panicking

The DNC leaks were, undoubtedly, the second most talked about event of last year, only behind Donald Trump winning the election from the Shillary. News JUST released regarding the leaks. Dems should be running and hiding. An IT specialist who goes by the name “The Forensicator,”–likely a cover to keep himself

HE DID IT: Trump Issues Powerful Order to Take Down Soros Groups. Liberals Are FURIOUS

When your ultimate goal is the destruction of America, you cannot stand a patriot like President Trump. ProPublica, a George Soros-backed media organization, is in a panic after President Trump appointed Lee Francis Cissna to run the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), via Dennis Michael Lynch. The far-left media organization

Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Sanders, Comey All Under Federal Investigation For….

While mainstream media continues to warp American minds with their skewed and fraudulent anti-Trump broadcasts, a whole slew of Obama-era Democratic Party crooks have been placed under official federal investigation – and mainstream media has not even bothered to inform the nation. You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, but

JUST IN: Trump’s Final Plan To Drain The Swamp Went Into Action

Rep. Devin Nunes  issued three subpoenas and served them to the CIA, NSA in a reference to the “unmasking” that happened during the Obama-era by spying and the classified intelligence reports leaking to the news media, according to Fox News. According to the WSJ, there are reports saying that members of

Another RINO Stabs President Trump In The Back! You Won’t Believe Who…

President Trump has a significant cluster of adversaries and obstructionists to overcome in getting the plan he kept running on instituted. Dislike he was timid or hesitant to advise everybody exactly what he wanted to do.The dismal piece of the majority of this is the obstruction he is accepting from

Another Russian Trail Has Been Discovered — Look Who We Caught Meeting with PUTIN Before the 2016 Election

The hysteria over “speaking to Russia” has truly reached fever pitch. Does ANYONE actually believe a representative — anyone — from Donald Trump’s campaign spoke to a Russian ambassador or envoy some time last summer and said “Hey, can you help us out on beating Hillary? How ‘bout some of your