BREAKING : Ted Cruz Expects Another Supreme Court Vacancy Real Soon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Considering Justice Ginsburg is having trouble staying awake, we strongly suggest she retire as soon as possible. Ted Cruz is correct. Vacancies coming! From NewsMax: Sen. Ted Cruz suggested another Supreme Court vacancy could take place “very soon,” The Washington Times reported on Friday. Speaking in Atlanta to the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) lobbying

Breaking: Congress Drops Border Wall BOMBSHELL…Illegals Are Terrified!


Regardless of the political elite’s crooked agenda, the will of the people will always prevail.Washington Insiders have tried for years to subvert the American people’s wishes, but We The People have stood up and made our voices heard.Despite all their tricks and games, politicians are ultimately beholden to the people.They

BOMBSHELL: 30 Democrats Caught In Major Treason Scandal, Media Silent

In the past couple of months, we have heard about how President Trump is against our country. There has obviously been NO evidence of this, but we DO have evidence proving that the Left is more involved with Russia than they would like to admit. According to the Daily Caller, Republican

BREAKING: Trump Actually Does It! Signs New Order That Will REVERSE Obama’s Arctic Drilling Ban

Drill baby drill! You know that’s what Sarah Palin is saying right about now. Check out the executive order Trump just signed… From Fox News:President Trump signed an executive order Friday that could lead to the expansion of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, saying it will reverse his predecessor’s Arctic leasing

THEY’RE OVER: Rex Tillerson & James Mattis Just Announced Our Plan For North Korea

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has threatened to the United States. North Korea has been conducting weapon tests and recently they carried out a massive artillery drill. However, the United States are not staying silent. The U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson teamed up with the Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Document Leaked Finally Reveals What Happened At Bill And Loretta’s Airplane Meeting


The entire Clinton family is as crooked as they come, and it’s about time they, and their cronies, were exposed to the world. The intercepted document, which was labeled as an email and memo, was written up by a Democrat operative. He expressed sincere confidence that Lynch would do everything in

‘We Faked It!’ – Top Obama Official Stabs Him In The Back With Huge Admission

president obama

Officials from the Obama White House are starting to speak out against the corrupt administration now that it is safe to come forward. It’s about time!The most recent official to come forward is Steven Koonin, the former Undersecretary of the Department of Energy. He is accusing President Obama of fabricating scientific