Folks, Kellyanne Conway Just Got Some BAD News From Liberals…

Kellyanne Conway

Here comes the politics of personal destruction again. This time aimed at Kellyanne Conway. From The Hill: A group of 15 law professors nationwide has reportedly filed a professional misconduct complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, saying she “brings shame upon the legal profession.” […] “We do not file this complaint lightly,” the

BREAKING : Trump Calls DNC Chair Race “RIGGED”

President Trump took to Twitter to call out the DNC Chair race as yet another “rigged” election.Bernie Sanders was backing failed chair hopeful Keith Ellison, a radical racist with a checkered past, but a man who had strong support from big names in the Democrat party like, Chuck Schumer and

Buckle Up! Oscars Haven’t Even Officially Begun, but They Just Got Political In a BIG Way…

It’s Oscar weekend again. That means it’s time to be preached to by pampered people in entertainment telling us how wrong we are about everything in life. Here’s the start. From USA Today: Directors of the five foreign-language film nominees Friday issued an unprecedented advance statement condemning “the climate of fanaticism and nationalism” in

BREAKING : Awesome “ANTI-OSCARS” Artwork is Plastered all Over Hollywood!

Edgy conservative artist Sabo took aim at the smug, elitist Oscars, and absolutely destroyed them with his clever antagonistic artwork which he plastered all over Hollywood. From 100% Fed Up: We love Sabo! He is a street artist who’s unafraid to plaster in-your-face artwork all over Hollywood bashing the liberal elites. He’s

BREAKING: US Seniors Declare BOYCOTT Against Someone Surprising. Do You Support?

People see American senior citizens and think they’re “cute” or “weak” but then get the shock of a lifetime when they truly realize how powerful this group of citizens can be when the unite. Seniors have had enough of the Hollywood blather against President Donald Trump. Now, they are threatening to

What a SICK JOKE. Obama’s Presidential Library to Cost $1.5 BILLION. Wait Till You See WHY…


Barack Obama was the most arrogant, obnoxious and unpatriotic president we’ve ever had. And he’s continuing the trend by turning his presidential library project into a ridiculously overpriced monument to himself. The Obama Center to be built in Chicago has a current estimated price tag of $1.5 BILLION! That’s THREE TIMES MORE than

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Schools DNC Adviser on How to Identify a Gender

Here I thought Tucker Carlson hosted his own show on Fox News…Turns out he is actually a bus driver, because he just took a DNC advisor to SCHOOL on gender identity!Carlson posed challenging questions to a DNC advisor on gender identity after he was accused of not “being enlightened.” “If your