IT’S ON: Just Now Mattis GOES NUCLEAR – Sent Chills Down North Korea’s Spine With HUGE Message

Moments Ago Secretary of Defense James Mattis revealed a MASSIVE update on North Korea With HUGE Message. According to Fox News Moments ago Defense Secretary, James Mattis, said that if North Korea ends up acting out their threats of sending missiles to the U.S., “it’s game on.” While speaking to reporters, Mattis said that

Trump Is P*ssed! Drops The Hammer On Obama After Catching Him Trying To Create Another Charlottesville

Our President is under attack by the Democrats, they are planning to do whatever it takes to impeach President Trump within the next few months and replace him with President Obama. Liberal snowflakes across America will not be satisfied until every part of America’s “white” history is destroyed and demolished. Over

BREAKING: John McCain Just Received WORST NEWS EVER!

Senator John McCain Is More Popular with Democrats Than Republicans Republican Senator John McCain has his approval rating ever……with Democrats! (VIDEO BELOW) According to a new Gallup Poll, released Monday, Republican Senator McCain’s approval by Democrats has skyrocketed to 71% after he voted against the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill. McCain’s approval rating among

SPECIAL REPORT: Trump Just Got North Korea To Do EXACTLY What He Wanted Them To

Less than a week ago North Korea was declaring their intention to nuclear strike Guam in defiance to the US. Trump threatened to obliterate them and, despite the left seemingly siding with Kim Jong Un, last night the impossible happened… North Korea has declared they are BACKING OFF threats to Guam! Kim’s official

Jesse Watters Exposes The TRUTH About Charlottesville That Hillary Prays You Don’t See

Fox News’ Jesse Watters would just like to remind liberal hypocrites how long it took twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to call Benghazi a terror attack… From BizPac Review: “There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here,” Watters said on the Fox News show The Five. “Hillary Clinton waited 2 weeks after

JUST IN: Trump Just Shredded the HELL out of Obama

Well, President Trump just shredded Obama into oblivion with one tweet. On Tuesday, Trump stated that Obama was fully aware of the Russian “election interference” back in 2014, but he did absolutely nothing.