Gowdy to Comey : Cut the bulls**t America knows you are LYING !

Two events took place this week on opposite sides of the world but no matter how great the separation between them might’ve been, they cannot be simultaneously believed. On Monday, F.B.I. Director James Comey said he couldn’t (or, wouldn’t) answer questions about an eight-month old investigation into alleged collusion between the

Clint Eastwood Makes The MOST TRAGIC ANNOUNCEMENT – He Needs Our Support

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has a long history of irritating liberals by taking ventures that acclaim patriotism. At 86 years of age, Eastwood by and by has liberals extremely worked up throughout the following film he’s coordinating. via American News Outlet Eastwood is reportedly facing tons of backlash from liberals after it

NEWT GINGRICH IS GENIUS! What He Just Said to Trump Will Shut Down The 9th Circuit Court Forever


After the liberal 9th circuit court blocked ANOTHER one of President Trump’s orders, Newt Gingrich just laid out the plan to shut them down! President Trump’s Social Media director Tweeted out this video of Newt’s comments and it’s going VIRAL! Newt explains that the founders set up our system so the

VIDEO : Joy Behar Thinks Melania Trump is an ILLEGAL Who Needs “Sanctuary”

Why do the low-info windbags on The View discuss politics? They literally know NOTHING and end up sounding like complete idiots and spreading “fake news.” Joy Behar was chiming in on the recent block of President Trump’s sanctuary city executive order, by another Obama-appointed “activist judge,” when she compared illegals

EVERYONE Is Turning Their Head At Shocking Thing Trump Did In The Wee Hours Of The Night

President Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Canada both agreed last night to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), according to the White House. Trump said on Thursday that he was willing to “terminate” the trade agreement if they couldn’t make a “fair deal.” *** SEE WHAT TRUMP’S

27 Classified Docs FOUND On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop!


The Clinton Machine is coming to screeching halt as “27 email chains containing classified information” were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Expect the Congressional Republicans to grill Hillary Clinton, her aides, and the FBI for more information on the contents of the emails. Fox News reports: A FEDERAL COURT ON TUESDAY RELEASED THE