TRUMP IS IN DANGER! Look At Horrible Thing Arnold Just Threatened To Do To Him…

Isn’t there a law against threatening physical harm towards the President of the United States? Because that is EXACTLY what Arnold Schwarzenegger just did in his new interview with Men’s Journal. Schwarzenegger said that he wanted to Smash Trump’s face through a table if he ever saw him! He told the journal, ‘I

Elizabeth Warren’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is always whining about her FAKE Indian heritage. That’s why it came as bad news to her this week when she learned a REAL Indian is trying to take her Senate seat… The Gateway Pundit reported that Boston-based entrepreneur and inventor of Email V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai just

]Hillary Clinton PANICKING After Damning Footage Leaks – SEE IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED


Millions of Americans have known for decades that the Clintons are lying criminals. This week, this assertion was confirmed when a scandalous video leaked that shows how evil they REALLY are. A Chinese American businessman who illegally fundraised for the Clintons just revealed that he secretly filmed a tell-all video as

WIKILEAKS: Tom Perez Secretly Supported Hillary AGAINST Bernie Sanders

New DNC Chair Conspired With Clinton Campaign To Take Out Bernie Emails between former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, John Podesta, and new DNC Chair Tom Perez show that Perez was in bed with the Clinton campaign to take out Senator Sanders. The email exchange took place while Perez

MASSIVE Social Security Scandal Leaks…Corruption ROCKS Washington!


Society Security has been one of the most embattled programs in American history. Set up by President Roosevelt over 80 years ago, the program designed to help Americans when they reach retirement has been abused and misused for generations. Americans who paid into the system all their lives often have trouble

What Zahra Billoo Just Said About Fallen Us Soldiers Will Make All Patriots ANGRY!

The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has made the decision that Memorial Day shouldn’t honor those American soldiers who’ve died, instead, it will honor those Muslim terrorists who had been killed by American soldiers. That right is read by you. As nearly all Americans get together on Memorial Day to


Let’s see if liberal media are going to report this… Reports indicate that the Indiana state electoral system endured thousands of hacking attempts this past election season, and none of them involved President Trump or the elusive Russian hackers. In fact, the would-be hackers were a little closer to home. Specifically, the