‘Get A Powerful Attorney’ – Trump SENDS HUGE WARNING To Obama After What His Investigators Just Found At the White House

Trump has been dealing with a lot of nonsense from his critics and the mainstream media since he took his Presidential Oath. It looks like he has finally had ENOUGH! President Donald Trump is warning Barack Obama to “get a good attorney” after what his team of investigators just found within

HILLARY IS FINISHED: The FBI Just Uncovered Clinton’s Darkest Secret & It’s Worse Than Anyone Imagined

HANNITY’S TONE ON ASSANGE HAS SEEMINGLY CHANGED OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, AND IN THE LAST FEW DAYS THEY HAVE REALLY BEEN PUSHING EACH OTHERS BUTTONS. Assange and WikiLeaks were known to be heavily involved in the political sphere ahead of Election Day, with WikiLeaks steadily publishing emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman


THE FBI HAS FINALLY ADMITTED THAT HILLARY KNOWINGLY ENGAGED IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY; WHICH MEANS SHE DOES BELONG IN PRISON. But we already knew that. Now will she actually be prosecuted for her crimes? With all of the political pressure on the FBI and their seemingly liberal bias, it seems like a long

Massive Sex Scandal Erupts On 5 Democrat Leaders—Even Liberals Demand Their Resignation

With the allegations that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused children, yet another notable democrat has been connected with this heinous act. Questions are being asked about the character of this party, that seems to condone and protect child predators. Yet the media says nothing. So it’s up to us to compile

BREAKING: Hillary Scandal Explodes, This Could Get Ugly

There is a scandal rocking the United States. It involves Russia, but it doesn’t involve President Donald Trump. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch believes there is more out there about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s secret uranium deal with the Kremlin. Almost two years ago, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury

SPECIAL REPORT: Mueller Linked To Massive Hillary Scandal

Democrats never expected the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would land squarely at the feet of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Much to their surprise, it may just have. On Tuesday, The Hill released a breakthrough report detailing an FBI investigation into Russian corruption around the time the US government

JUST IN: President Trump Sent Huge Warning to John McCain, Trump Fans Loved It

President Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have been caught bickering and taking shots at one another on multiple occasions. In this instance, McCain crossed the line, and as a result, the President responded with an epic warning. Trump issued his warning during a radio interview on WMAL in Washington.