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ArcelorMittal Web TV 2010 Our Customers For most of our customers, the crisis came as unexpected and as hard as it came for us. The majority of customers suddenly did not collect any business on their own. They had to run their businesses on quick reaction, and they needed partners which were able to react in a speedy way, understanding their needs. We are spending about 1/3 of the tons in construction, so the consequences for the construction business were that we lost 40% of tonnages, even more in turnover because prices were going down.

In Italy and Great Britain, or all over the world, the number of private works. went by end of 2009 from 100 to 0, just in 3, 4 months. Different parts of the market contract at very different times, so infrastructure goes in quite late, commercial/residential goes in much earlier. I think any company that can provide a product that differentiates them from the rest of the market is obviously going to benefit, especially if it’s a product that’s being used on a government-funded project.

Developed economies will have to focus more on the technological development in the business. They’ll have to continue to be leader in developing new products for our customers, who will become much more sensitive to the qualities and the values going forward. 40 years ago, Venice was flooded a lot with that high tide, 1 meter and 90 over the level of the sea. Most of the project is about positioning gates through the three inlets of the Venice Lagoon. The project is executed to save Venice and its lagoon. We, as ArcelorMittal, delivered all foundation solution products that enabled us to construct the gates which will, at the end of the day, close the Adriatic Sea from the Lagoon of Venice, prohibiting the flux to enter the city.

This project is important for Venice, for Italy, and for the entire world. The water level of the sea is–with global warming, an issue which is very touchy for everyone. Having a good solution for areas which are endangered by increasing water levels, protecting land against flooding, is something that can be an important part of our future steel business. The steel solution, the offer for this rescue of Venice is a very unique one. Steel came out as being the most cost- effective solution due to the speed of execution. It’s matching all criterion in terms of precise installation. By the use of steel sheet piles, we enable the customer to use tailor-made solutions to deliver special products according to the special requirements that the project owner has. To sell steel sheet piles, a very specialized product, you have to sell a service, a technical service What we ask from our suppliers is technical support to solve problems that we find in our everyday jobs. A project like that, very big, very important, and very expensive; for that project, it is necessary to have not only cheaper way and quicker way, but also the best solution to control the quality.

The relationship with customers is about reliability, it’s about partnership, and of course, give them what you promised to deliver. Customers need to go to the market and meet much more precisely project owners’ needs. We, as steel producer, we have to follow this trend. .

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