Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Review – Do You Need to Upgrade?


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It’s officially autumn and you know what that means: crisp autumn air, the smell of apple cider, crunchy leaves…and the new iPhone release. This is the iPhone XS max review. (Dubstep music to iPhone cutaways) well everything I say here does apply to the 10s max which is what I’m holding in my hand right now and what I’ve been using consistently for the past three or four weeks everything does apply as well to the 10s so if you had any questions about the 10s and I refer to the 10s max just know that everything is the same except for the size. the iPhone XS and XS max are the new offerings from Apple and in fact Apple is so confident that this model is superior to last year’s iPhone X that they have subsequently stopped selling the iPhone 10 on their website. now, you can still get the iPhone X which is last year’s model from authorized resellers and that might be the best way to go to find out why stick around and see what I have to say about this year’s release as you know I am a huge fan of all things Apple so when a new iPhone comes around I don’t necessarily buy it because I think everyone should buy a new iPhone every year I buy it because I’m influenced by my position as an influencer on social media I love tech I love reviewing tech and I adore all things Apple so for me it’s it’s a natural it’s a natural decision to make albeit a very tough one given the price gouging that is occurring with all things iPhone in the in recent years but I have to say that this has been probably the most mediocre incremental update that I’ve ever experienced in an iPhone but first the specs what’s new from the iPhone 10s compared to the 10 if you don’t already know the new aspects that were introduced in the flagship iPhone 10 model I will leave a link up to my iPhone review 10 review video right up here a decently simple review it’s very straightforward I did it when I was 8 months 9 months pregnant so if you’re interested at all in that check that out and then head back here and and if you’ve already watched that the things that are updated so there’s a new color gold which you can see here which I really would call more of a nude it’s nude with gold sidebars now I actually do have a case on my phone this is a peel case and if you’re wondering at all whether they should get it get it but at your own risk because I have had the worst customer experience with this company I’ve bought their peel cases for the last two or three iPhones and this is the worst purchasing experience I’ve ever had by far but the case works and it does a decent job of protecting my phone things that are new with the iPhone 10 s let’s get started there is a new chip every year the iPhone gets upgraded to a better chip this one’s no exception it’s the a12 Bionic chip the knurl engine has been upgraded dramatically what does that mean for you it means absolutely nothing for the average consumer however if you’re at all interested in machine learning and augmented reality all that should be better because there’s more connections that can be made in a second or millisecond or whatever as far as an the speed increase compared to the iPhone 10 only 15% increase in speed according to Apple I have noticed absolutely no difference in speed compared to the iPhone 10 personally from a day-to-day user the camera is probably in addition to the size offering of a max option the camera is probably the biggest feature that has been upgraded other than the chip and the size and that means that the camera can now has a better sensor a larger pixel in the sense that on each sensor the amount of light that each pixel can absorb and take in and light means information when it comes to photography is more than the previous generation so it can capture more light more information all of this plus the improved processing means that it can take a picture up to like 12 different pictures all at once it picks the best aspects of each element from each picture different exposures different apertures and it makes all of that turn into one beautifully processed image in less than a nanosecond it’s incredible and from the moment you turn on your phone if you don’t already know you need to enable this feature on your iPhone 10 s go into your camera settings you go into your Settings app go down to your camera setting and you need to enable smart HDR what that does is it blends the best part of separate different exposures into a single photo and that is where where this iPhone really shines so go ahead and enable that mine was not enabled by default it probably carried settings over from my iPhone 10 the iPhone 10 does not offer this super HDR option so definitely one of the biggest and best aspects about this upgrade for me has been the camera call quality now the camera quality blew me out of the water with the iPhone 10 so for me to be impressed by the iPhone 10s and how much better the camera is over the iPhone 10 means that we have left forward by eons with camera quality when it comes to an Apple device so many are saying that this is comparable to the Google pixel to camera quality I’ve never tried it but I have heard and seen sample photos from that phone and it is amazing so I’m very excited to have a contender in my hands in my daily use and as my daily driver for photography so as someone who is personally a huge fan of HDR photography this is so hand a couple of other incremental updates the water resistance rating has improved from instead of one meter at four thirty minutes submerged into water it’s now one and a half meters submerged underwater for thirty minutes whether that makes a big deal of to you or not I don’t know I will say the iPhone 10 s is just as slippery as its predecessor so definitely get yourself a grippy case so I bought this peel case before I even had this phone in my hands when i pre-ordered the iPhone 10s i pre-ordered the peel case the peel case took two weeks to get to me and the iPhone took a week and I couldn’t wait that long so I went to the Apple store after my iPhone was delivered that weekend and I got myself an Apple silicone case I love this bright coral color this is a new color and it looks really cute I think so yeah that’s really nice there are a bunch of the kind of standards so and leather options in addition to a leather folio option from a P Apple happy from a P but I’m gonna I’m taking it off for this video because I want you to see the beautiful glory that the iPhone 10s gold has so putting this money back on as far as face ID with the new processor I haven’t actually noticed a noticeable difference it is supposed to be faster in this model compared to last year but I don’t notice anything as I would say as a physician clinically I know I noticed no clinical difference no day-to-day difference in the speed of face ID working to unlock my phone it is perhaps just more seamless but that could also be from me having used it for a year and being used to it by now I’m used to the gestures I’m used to the time that it takes for my phone to notice my face and swipe out in general though I will say that the face ID is definitely faster than it takes for me that time for me to swipe up so I notice actually no lag when it comes to face ID I just seems like my phone has no password and I’m just opening it so that part maybe indicates it’s a little bit faster than last year but who really knows the interesting thing about the size difference the max people are thinking that because I’ve Apple named it the max this phone therefore must be the largest phone they’ve ever offered it’s not it’s simply not true the iPhone 10’s max in addition to being one of the worst names I could ever think of being given to a phone because it is just too clunky and too difficult to pronounce on a day to day basis is a six and a half inch display but it’s edge to edge so it is the same kind of overall size as your plus that you may already have seven plus eight plus any of those however instead of there being a chin a chin and a forehead there is now just edge to edge display which is admittedly extremely beautiful however there is no extra row of icons like you did get on the plus compared to the non plus versions of later older generations so it really doesn’t show you that much more information on this Green than if you were to get the regular tennis instead it just shows you everything a little bit bigger now it is a higher resolution so it’s bigger but that doesn’t mean that it looks zoomed in or looks pixelated it is absolutely gorgeous however I believe truly believe this display would be better for people who have a little bit worse vision if you tend to set your iPhone on the accessibility settings if you tend to increase font sizes or bold things or just make things just a little bit easier to read on your current iPhone you might like this extra size because it’s gonna give you a little bit more oomph to whatever it is that you’re looking at especially when it comes to reading texts emails that sort of thing however if you don’t need that I would recommend you do what I do which is to decrease the font size a little bit just enough to still be comfortable to read but I found that I can get so much more information now having decreased the font size then I had previously on my smaller iPhone 10 and this has enabled me to see more tweets in a in a post more Instagram caption on a full screen I just get a little bit more information and that’s a nice little hack in case you have the 10s max or any other larger phone you can decrease the font size as much as as comfortable and that should show you more information on your display a couple of things I will say about the the larger size and what I’ve experienced personally as a female with very small hands I talk about this every year I have extremely small hands and I really liked how the ten fit comfortably in my hand and I could kind of reach more of the screen with my tiny little hands and tiny little thumbs I could reach more of the screen than I ever could before on my plus phones I had the seven plus before that and the six plus before that so a lot of people asked why was I now upgrading to the max if I was so happy with the size of the ten in my hands and again it’s just kind of that need for bigger is better more is better I just felt like I wanted that big screen again and I will say that does again come with the same downfalls that I’ve mentioned in previous iPhone videos with regards to the pluses the reach ability is not there so because the plus was hard enough on its own to try and get across every to every inch of the screen and that was with a screen only this big but now you’re extending the usable surface area to the edges to the very very bottom which itself is hard to hold naked basically without a like pop socket or a ring or a loop or anything like that it’s hard to hold down here and not feel like you’re going to drop your very very expensive phone it’s also it nearly impossible to get up any higher than about two-thirds of the phone with my very small hands if I’m holding it down here a lot of the usable area with the dock and everything is actually down here as you can see so when you then feel like you need to go up somewhere you really have to stabilize the phone with two hands now there is reach ability but that doesn’t really work practically on the home screen because there I finally was able to get the icons to come down because what does the iOS want to do it wants to bring down your search bar which is the gesture but when it comes to reach ability you have to come kind of really far down low here and open something and and swipe down in order to get the icons and that is a gesture that has taken me some practice and I definitely recommend turning on reach ability in your accessibility settings if you have the 10s max because it just makes things a little bit easier otherwise for the most part I do find myself going back to using two hands again just as I did with my previous plus sized phones I definitely think that the camera as well as the new kind of improved stereo sound that also records in stereo audio now are really great features and they are very very welcome additions to the flagship iPhone however I don’t really know that this is enough to make someone want to shell out the cash that they’ve already spent last year on the iPhone 10 in order to get those features and upgrade to the iPhone 10s or 10s max so unless you are a die-hard Apple fan you have recently smashed your iphone 10 or you absolutely must have that bigger size and you’ve been cursing it every single day since you bought the iPhone 10 that you missed the bigger size those might be in my opinion the only reasons to really upgrade to the iPhone 10s or 10s Mac’s however if you are coming from a 6 plus 6 7 7 plus or even an 8 you will love what Apple has done since those models now granted the iPhone 8 came out the same time last year as the iPhone 10 but that was really more of an incremental update for people who were just simply not ready to make that change change is coming there will be no more home buttons anymore and I guarantee you that will happen to the iPad lineup as well we will have iPads that will be completely bezel-less they will have no chin no forehead and no home button so change is coming your way people and it’s better to embrace it while you still can before Apple forces you to make that move of course you’re it they’re not really forcing you to do anything because you could just go over to Android but I really do believe that this is the future that’s not gonna be home buttons or anything push a bowl basically on an iPhone or phone in general anymore so that being said I really like this phone just as much as I’ve liked the iPhone 10 for the past year the iPhone 10’s max is a really nice size I do find it very enjoyable to watch youtube videos it’s great for gaming if you’re into that sort of thing personally I don’t play games on my iPhone but I know a lot of people do and is basically the world’s most popular gaming device so when you’re incorporating that usability into a bigger screen that definitely just means a better experience for the average iPhone gamer so those things are all a welcome addition I do want to mention though with some caveats the price the price is exorbitant and for that price I really do believe that with the wireless direction that Apple is taking with everything you should be provided a set of air pods not wired earbuds in the box I just feel like it’s a value added thing if it’s sold retail for $99 I guarantee you it doesn’t cost even that amount to make the production cost is probably less than $45 probably even less than that to be honest with you and if you roll that cost into a $1100 smartphone it’s really a drop in the bucket and on profit margins and I just think it adds so much more value to the average iPhone customer rather than make you purchase it second of all fast charging there’s no fast charging setup included in this phone even though it’s capable of fast charging what is fast charging it’s just more speed more amps more power being able to be downloaded from the electrical current into your phone’s battery and that just means that you could charge your phone up in a couple hours instead of overnight so why Apple hasn’t done that yet I don’t know but I will link a video I found that was very interesting and I it offered a very nice theory as to why they’re not offering that yet and I will say that if you’re spending this amount of money then it should be included and if you’re not gonna include those things then the price needs to be reduced so that pretty much sums up my opinion of the iPhone 10’s max I hope you’re not too disappointed I do think it is a wonderful phone and I don’t regret purchasing it I definitely enjoy it and use it all the time on average four to five hours a day of overall use according to screen time which is slightly embarrassing do I think you need to upgrade from the iPhone 10 probably not I would definitely save yourself that extra cash and just wait until next year but if you’re coming from an iPhone 6 or 7 I would definitely say this is the time to upgrade it is a beautiful phone you are going to absolutely love the new features don’t be too put off by the loss of the home button everybody gets used to it within a week or two so don’t worry you can – if if any of us can do it you can – don’t be alarmed with regards to the size if you’re very unsure I would just say go with the smaller size I think that the benefits of having a larger size unless you are a gamer avid YouTube watcher or have some vision and visual impairment then I really don’t think the big size is absolutely necessary and in fact may have more downsides rather than upsides especially with regards to how large the usable screen area is it makes it very difficult to reach certain areas when have small hands like myself but other than that I don’t regret purchasing this or purchasing this sighs I love it those are just some of the caveats I wanted to include with this review so I hope that you found this helpful I hope that I’m a little bit more cohesive and making a little bit more sense than I was last year when I was 8 months pregnant and I felt like I was all over the place so thank you for watching this video if you wouldn’t mind if you like tech reviews and you want to see more Apple and iOS reviews including the new Apple watch series 4 give this video a like there is a like button down there if you wouldn’t mind hitting that and subscribe if you haven’t already share this video with a friend who’s maybe thinking about the iPhone 10s but hasn’t quiet hasn’t quite pulled the trigger yet or maybe they have a really smashed phone and they really really really need to get on getting anyone thank you so much for watching guys I hope you guys will have a great day and I will see you in my next video take care

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