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TV program “VIEW” Viktor Orel Ukraina translation & editing: newzora Tv program “View”. Hello! The demonstrators who protest under the slogan “Occupy Wall Street”, recently celebrated a month from the start of mass demonstrations. The society and the press continues to ask question who is the sponsor of the beginning of the process? If it is George Soros, or anyone from his banking environment, what is the purpose? Isn’t it ironic to assume that These so-called 99% can be sponsored by billionaire George Soros representative of those who are 1%? No, such miracle, is not. According to Noreen Malone, a journalist New York magazine “News & Features” Soros is not the only of minority who feels sympathy with the “occupiers of Wall Street” – In this is included, and Bill Clinton and one of the representatives of the family Buffet.

Explanation: Warren Edward Buffet, is the director of “Coca-Cola” and “Buffet Farms” “Lindsay Corporationn”, “ConAgra Foods” “Berkshire Hathway inc. he is also the president of his World Humanitarian Fund. The family Bafet is among the richest families in the world. Their property is about $ 47 billion $.. Both Soros, and the demonstrators deny any connection. However, “Reuters” had found indirect financial relationship between Soros and Adbusters- anti-consumerist group from Canada, who started the brilliant marketing campaign whose goal was to promote the “Arab spring” against Wall Street. But should you rely only on opinion of the agency “Reuters” especially when confronted with such interview: “I want to start with my personal story about how I met Mr. Soros. This happened 1991.

In Ukraine, Soviet Socialist Republic. This is an unforgettable experience, because Mr. Soros was the first non-Ukrainian, whom I met. He believed that Ukraine will become an independent, and the Soviet Union would fall apart. “. I am suspicious of sources, whose journalists are promoting dirty missions for downfall of other countries, calling it a democratic process. However, “Reuters” is not the only press agency that insists on Soros sponsorship of first demonstrations against the bankers of Wall Street. It was published in several main newspapers in America.

And specifically, Rash Limbo claims the same with such certainty, as it has indisputable proof. No matter what, “There is no smoke without fire.” We will begin from that. However, before we make a conclusion, let’s compare some facts. Since 2005, a story is going on in America about the construction of camps – prisons, which looks like concentration camps. “We do not understand anymore what freedom is. We are a country that is heading for socialism totalitarianism, and beyond all the limits of our understanding”. I want to expose FEMA camps. I am tired of hearing about them. I want to expose them.

I was working a lot on this issue but I could not find out anything. These camps are in the U.S. government’s competence. If you believe your government, then fine. But, if you suspect that the government is pushing the country into totalitarianism, Then be careful, as they say: “Fasten your seat belts.” One of such camps, of State-FEMA rescue Federal Emergency Management Agency is erected near Beech Grove Indiana State. Population density in this area is very small, almost no crime. The camp is empty. Except the police car with one – two guards, no one is in it. The camp enters railway tracks. marks on the transport vehicles, indicates that the camp is owned by The federal agencies and the military. Surrounded by a triple ring of barbed wire inside the building there is the “red zone”.

U.S. computer program, which is known as a “red flag” used for registration of unloyal Americans. This program is widely used, especially at airports. To any dissident, saying it in official language, or potential terrorist, airlines can forbid flying. Today, there is about 2 million such “flight ban” in the U.S. Is it for these disobedient citizens build red zone? But let’s look further, additional gates leading to the inner courtyard, and a new gas pipeline with powerful equipment. While the team investigated, on the sky appeared black helicopter. Look, the pipeline goes along the building and ends up in the mighty gas furnaces. Because of what? Or to whom? And here is another of many objects, shot in Virginia. The film crew of journalist Alex Jones reveals a storage with plastic coffins. I asked: “Who is owner of these tombs? ” He said it belongs to the Government in Washington, CDC. The government leased its land for their storage. Additionally he said, that to his brother, who works at the CDC in Atlanta, The government proposed to extend the lease for three years and starts to make temporary coffins across the country. In total, on the private property is stored 500.000 coffins.

It’s really cheap coffin. But it is too big for one person. In it can easily fit the entire film crew. According to Jones Alex, such objects as shown camp and coffins are in different states. On YouTube is uploaded more than 600. Hundreds of U.S. journalist made research. Politician Ron Paul, put this question on the agenda. “View” does not claim that these camps could become the new concentration camps for the U.S. population that is dissatisfied with banking system, or a crisis. We only transmit video images and fears of ordinary Americans. Maybe FEMA camps are really constructed for the rescue of people. We are just ask ourselves – a few questions: If they are for use to rescue people, Then, from what? from whom? Why they are constructed with the content to control the people inside the camp? ie. why barbed wire? And why FEMA employees passed the requalification program of Police internal service and got the status of peace officers, that is, a police officer who has the right to carry arms and to arrest? To arrest whom? Those that they are saving? I can say with certainity, While demonstrators marching across the country They are carefully monitored and continuously is filmed that what is happening.

Cameras in the U.S. are located everywhere: on buildings, intersections, inside buildings, on highways and on pumps, and in private stores. Video recordings are doing policeman themselves, and other services that are following the events. 19,000 states databases, use programs for the voice and physical identification. Programs of national security agencies, FBI and CIA are already doing their own investigation of activists, beside whose names can be put the “red flag”. So why one could not presume that the representatives of the s.c minority of 1% provoked movement “Occupy Wall Street” to evaluate and verify the power which they would face, if necessary. To which extent is the public irritated, and to which scale can grow such a protest. America likes to keep everything under control and always developing options in advance . After all, the “rulers” of the world need protection. They need to know how much does it costs 100% protection. In any case, we can not exclude the possibility that provoking demonstrations “Occupy Wall Street” – is initial training, although it can be a dress rehearsal before the start of chaos. You know already from previous programs on this subjects, that to trigger a military conflict America was repeatedly applied tactics of artificially creating enemies.

Take the best and most peaceful dog and start pushing the stick on his little face, he starts to bark and rage. Thus, America created also terrorists in Arab world, and antagonistic forces in Iraq. Let’s hope that our assumptions and versions are not eligible. That it will not be a civil war or chaos in the U.S at least in the near future. After all, any honest movement which begin in the U.S., soon it came under the umbrella of political parties and sponsors. Remember the “tea parties” that started in New Orleans and the wave has expanded the United States. Republicans took quickly movement under their leadership, generously rewarding the initiators, and soon the “tea party” has turned to the political laughingstock.

This time, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, show too much compassion and attention to the movement “Occupy Wall Street.” But do not linger on their thinking and discussions on this issue .. Let’s see how is reacting radical journalist Glen Beck on the Pelosi attempt. “Nancy Pelosi, do you really think that these people are your friends? Are you a fool? Yes, probably You are a fool. No need even to ask. And your surroundings, Nancy Pelosi, are they also fools? do You all really think you can control these people? ” While Glen Beck has wishful thinking, to see the revolutionary fervor in quiet U.S. demonstrators, This fervor,as it is well known appear in Europe. Take Rome, for example. “Something What began as a peaceful demonstrations against the economic inequality has grown into a riot in the streets of Rome.

On Saturday morning, demonstrators gathered near the Colosseum. Inspired by movements in Spain and America, they began to peacefully demonstrate But in the process awakened feelings and relationship to reality. Tens of thousands of people came to the streets of the capital, As a result the city was blocked by troops. 15,000 policeman came to the streets to restore order. Demonstrators smashed shop windows, set fire to many cars, including also police bus. Demonstration was dispersed using smoke bombs. Many young people, covered the faces with masks and scarves, to avoid identification. In this disorder 3 people have been injured.

None of the policemen was injured. ” In meanwhile, the World Community is bitter over the global banking lawlessness. Police and National Guard U.S. practically elaborates and enhances combat tactics against the demonstrators on the various locations throughout the country. Perhaps this is also part of plan, the minority of 1%. And if this is true – Here is a little technical detail. Something else is important: any social movement, was it a peaceful demonstration, or armed rebellion or civil war – All this goes in favors of big capital.

The greater the chaos, the more money will end up in the pockets of its creators – the world’s rulers. Let’s summarize: Today, 82 countries have expressed dissatisfaction with the global economic system. How much are we Ukrainians, Baltics, the Russians and many others far away from such plan of events? Probably, as far as We are lagging behind in economic and Social Development of Western European countries. We understand that in addition to existing problems, such a process as a struggle against international banks in particular and capitalism in general, do not go in our favor.

However, we must realize that the process organized by the global elite – global poverty, in this or that way will not go round any country in the Third World. This is especially true for those countries whose Economists and politicians are not much foresight but narrow focused on just one well-trodden path – investing of foreign capital in their country. And we are-one of these countries. Sooner or later the process will impact on us, too. Stay with the “View”. See you on the show. .

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