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Dead-end the Lincoln Highway ends whoa good morning everybody microphone plugged in yeah I want to have a good day today even though not only is this possibly at the end of the line but last day in Iowa for Lincoln Highway look it just ends right here it’s not anti-climatic but that’s it oh this is cool Lincoln Highway Linn County seedling mile yeah I mean it abruptly ends right here guys there’s there’s nothing nothing past it but luckily they can just build a new highway right next to it and that’s what happens but wait I want to read this this is important because this is the site of the first and only seedling mile of the concrete pavement in this state of Iowa on the Lincoln Highway this is the only piece okay and it was built only 16 feet wide yeah that wouldn’t work into in today’s automobiles look guys as far as my last video I have good days and bad days just like you I do I share a lot of my life not every bit of my life I even skip days sometimes but sometimes you see some raw emotions for me based on stuff I can’t control I can’t control everything on the road it’s just the way it goes so today we’re just getting ready to turn the generator on it’s like a.m.

Right now I’m gonna run the generator and cab air conditioner on the RV from basically noon until about p.m. tonight so the whole traveling every time I stop windows closed air conditioning on and I think that’s gonna help me stay sane Jack stay happy and thus all of us end up being happy right okay cool all right let’s finish up the last little bit of Iowa here hopefully there’s gonna be some fun history before we get into a new state good thing I took that little detour oh this is so cool I can’t wait to show you this off the highway guys remember American Gothic they painted it on their bar and that’s huge the artist is M Bennish 2008 they’ve got a surveillance camera on the side of the barn so that nobody is gonna spray-paint their graffiti gang signs on it beautiful work guys that’s a gorgeous recreation thumbs up man cool so I’m gonna stick to the original Lincoln Highway for about 20 miles and then I’m gonna head back south and connect up with the 84 a specific stop well I am very excited about this stop I’m not sure if it looks quite as hazy and muggy as it is to you it is thick with eat but here wood that’s not all me by the way that’s my generator and his generators wanted to point that out but the interstate 80 trucking museum the largest truck stop in America not to be confused with the largest travel center in America that was in Wyoming at little America Travel Center because they have lodging and motels and stuff but this holds the record for the largest truck stop and they have a museum the floodgates open air conditioning maybe it’d be cold I can get like a drone aerial so you can see all the trucking spots and the RV parking and all the signs and everything it’s a massive area there’s three different pilot gas stations on the same block that’s how big it is and this is the trucking museum whoo and it’s free fantastic what are we gonna find the 1918 independent truck here we have a 1927 GMC big brute ten ton look at all those old gas pumps whoo here we have a Bowman the 1911 Walker electric model 43 for the wood peeling paint all over the place holy cow I am NOT gonna be able to show you everything in here I will show you some of the stuff I like the most though this is awesome 35 Dodge air flow 49 Brockway a 1918 Walker with the wood paneling in the back 1933 white model 612 the 1939 International armored truck like a police truck oh my gosh look at that truck in camera that’s a beautiful Ford whoo 68 250 international we got a GMC diamond T and another diamond T of a fire truck cab over hmm alright these are getting stranger and stranger a 54 PEGI old van is it like an RV it’s a moving truck okay 74 Ryder paymaster are 100 oh my gosh wow that’s beautiful Kenward look at that oh here’s tomaters dad do I even need to say it come check this place out for yourself this is awesome but Eric did you get a magnet of course haven’t got one in a while there’s a limit world’s largest truck stop Walt sweet yeah still here in Woollcott getting ready to get back on Lincoln Highway but you know if I had to live in a house if I couldn’t live in an RV I would at least want to live in a house built like a castle because because quirky right I’ll stay on the sidewalk because this is a private residence here but apparently they just wanted a pretend Castle I don’t see a moat that’s pretty cool though I like it so we’re driving through LeClair Iowa right now and a reference three of my favorite TV shows when I had satellite in my RV is Pawn Stars storage wars and American Pickers three shows about acquiring or collecting odd random quirky stuff makes sense right well Leclaire Iowa is home to the starts and the shop of one of those TV shows and we’re gonna go see if they’re open and see if Mike Frank or Daniela are available now forgive me if I get out just a little bit I’m pretty exciting if anybody recognize this storefront here that’s the one guys this is where American Pickers started there’s the car out front and on the show all the time they have this building that I don’t recognize actually might as well check it out there we are guys we’re inside look at all these treasures need a magnet – I need a magnet huh there’s Frank’s favorite fun stop got my magnet I will show you later but no sign of Frank Mike or Danielle at this location they’re probably at the Tennessee store actually this is the other store part where they just sell more stuff basically a mini Indian they’re fun stop baby smile made me smile to see something I’ve been watching on TV for years and years and years right no miss koo little out of the way now I got to go back West a little bit yeah it’s funny too because I always pictured their shop to be out in the middle of the woods in Iowa just because they always have the driving shots in the woods and then they pull into the shop this is right off Main Street there’s like no trees or woods anywhere it’s like right off the street there’s the magnet I got I picked the Pickers antique archeology put that up by our new trucker magnet there yeah looking good in the magnets it’s weird though in that second little just gift shop store they had five employees with antique archeology t-shirts and in the the retail store there alone they had four or more employees that’s just when I counted so they got nine employees running their old store and Mike and Frank and Danielle are either in Tennessee or on the road collecting or whatever so I would say TV has probably done them well just like Pawn Stars but you know it’s that’s crazy all right we do need to talk guys cuz I’m gonna make a change again Illinois right there I’m going to take a little break on Lincoln Highway again I have a friend down south and so I’m gonna go spend a couple days take care of a few things down south plug in with air conditioning and then I’ll come back up and we’ll finish Lincoln Highway or we’ll continue on so I always feel like I need to address that because some people are like some people will leave comments and be like Eric that’s 15 miles off Lincoln Highway why’d you stop there Lincoln Highway is my loose route just so you know it’s a cool park though I’m gonna look for a sign that’s Lincoln and I don’t know a railroad worker let’s let’s find some info here and Lincoln said to the boy on the bridge I’m mighty glad I came out here where I can get a little rest opinion a little more fact yeah I need that too very cool but uh I am gonna go into Illinois tonight and go to the first Walmart I think it’s in Moline Moline uh because there’s there’s no free campsites around here obviously that’s about all I really want to say I think I think I share it show Jax he’s doing well he’s staying cool inside the RV with the air conditioning which is obviously where I’m headed as well but I just want you all to know that I’m doing fine doing well I know what I’m doing the RV is still running fantastic I mean how many states have we now and still no check engine light knock on wood no RV is running great guys and that’s a really good thing boy if I pour it a lot into this RV it’s worked well for me jeez I’ve had this thing what now two and a half years that is now definitely longer than any vehicle I have ever owned in my life any vehicle of any kind and once you get to this point you know exactly what’s been replaced in the RV when it’s been replaced you know I know off the top of my head when the last fuel pump and catalytic converter and tune-up and all this so I feel like we’re caught up I mean no matter what happens now it’s just a matter of just maintaining it and keeping it on the road she’ll do two hundred thousand miles I really believe that all right folks have a wonderful morning afternoon evening Jackson alias Jackson I will give you an update once we get all parked down south and let you know what’s going on okay you

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