After Hurricane Harvey Trump Writes History – Does Something No President Has Ever Done!!

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring people together unfortunately or at-least prove there is still plenty of good in many people’s hearts.

After the storm of “epic proportions” torn Texas, a lot of people and companies joined and did their best in an effort to help all these people in need.

Almost immediately after the storm of “epic proportions” torn Texas, President Trump did his best in an effort to help all these people in need. He didn’t waste any time and went to Texas for a first-hand look at the devastation.

But today he did something that no president in the history has ever done!

President Trump will donate $1 million towards Hurricane Harvey relief in Texas, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday.

The president said he will donate his personal money, according to Sanders, although she could not say with certainty that the president meant his own bank account and not the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Mr. Trump, who will visit Texas Saturday for the second time since the deadly storm hit, has yet to pick a charity and is open to suggestions, Sanders said.

“I don’t know the legal part of exactly that, but he said his personal money so I would assume” that comes from him directly, Sanders said of the president’s pledged donation.

The Harvey recovery efforts in Southeast Texas and Louisiana are expected to last years and cost billions of dollars.

The administration said Thursday that an estimated 100,000 homes suffered damage from the record-breaking storm.

With much of the Houston area still trying to recover from disastrous flooding, liberals have been busy making the tragic event into a political narrative.

Good thing that we have President Trump now and he is not a hypocrite like the liberal politicians around our country!