Aaron Rodgers Strips Down (then Suits Up) for Scary Shark Week Special


American Today News

 Aaron Rodgers is fishing for trouble  The Green Bay Packers quarterback (and boyfriend of Danica Patrick) is one of several stars putting on a brave face for , a Shark Week special airing Monday night, July 23 at 8 p m. ET on Discovery Channel. The show follows Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski as they tag sharks and promote the importance of shark conservation  In the segment above, Rodgers, 34, teams up with marine scientist Riley Elliott to study the blue shark “It looks like a teddy bear but it is the number one shark in the world that will bite you if you don’t do what I say,” Elliott cautions Rodgers, adding that he has to be “hands off” to show he’s “not food ”  According to Discovery, blue sharks’ electroreceptors sense electrical fields generated by the muscle contractions of prey A beating human heart will most definitely get the shark going.

Hence, Rodgers has to don a special suit that blocks his electrical energy, a k.a. his heartbeat, from the shark’s sensors.  After getting ready to go in, Rodgers tries to bate some blue sharks with fish blood and guts “It’s pretty eerie when you can’t see the bottom …” he muses.  To see how Rodgers fares — and how the use of satellite technology could help save sharks — tune in to at 8 p m. ET Monday night on Discovery Channel. And don’t miss the rest of Shark Week’s seriously awesome specials .

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