8PM Update: Hurricane Michael Downgraded to a Category 1 Storm


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I’m Jim Kenda in the news 19 weather center we’re continuing to follow hurricane Michael the eight o’clock advisory is in and right now the National Hurricane Center says it’s centered 20 miles southwest of Albany Georgia maximum sustained winds 90 miles per hour it’s moving to the Northeast at 17 miles per hour so it continues to weaken this is a six-hour time-lapse of the satellite you can see how it’s come inland through Florida Panhandle now in southwestern Georgia and it is weakening in fact in Albany Georgia right now they’re close to the center of circulation and they’re seeing sustained winds at 51 miles per hour gusting to 70 so it is weakening and probably within the next hour or two it’ll be just tropical storm strength but right now it’s still classified as a hurricane moving off toward the Northeast notice some of these rain bands out ahead of it we’re already starting to pick up some lightning and there is a tornado watch for central and southern Georgia in northern Florida until a.m.

We expect that to be moved into South Carolina probably shortly after midnight if not before in the meantime we don’t have any tornado watch in effect but we do have a tropical storm warning and that’s for the system as it comes through tomorrow we have just a few passing showers right now and what you can expect for the rest of the evening a few showers come through should be pleasant no real problems but by the time you wake up tomorrow morning we expect the winds to be increasing the storm will start to make its way into South Carolina the winds will be picking up and this is the forecast of wind gusts by o’clock tomorrow morning notice in Orangeburg you might be seeing wind gusts to 50 miles per hour 43 or so here in Columbia even up in Winnsboro you might see winds gusting to 31 so just keep in mind that by tomorrow morning when you wake up conditions will be considerably different from what they are right now we’re going to continue to monitor this and we’re going to be seeing more information coming in so we’ll have an update again at o’clock this evening

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