2010 Pakistan floods


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The floods in Pakistan began in late July 2010 resulting from heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sind punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan which affected the Indus River Basin approximately one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was under water approximately seven hundred ninety six thousand ninety five square kilometers according to Pakistani government data the floods directly affected about 20 million people mostly by destruction of property livelihood and infrastructure with a death toll of close to 2000 un secretary-general ban ki-moon had initially asked for 460 million u.s. dollars for emergency relief noting that the flood was the worst disaster he had ever seen only twenty percent of the relief funds requested had been received on august 15 2010 the UN had been concerned that aid was not arriving fast enough and the world health organization reported that 10 million people were forced to drink and safe water the Pakistani economy was harmed by extensive damage to infrastructure and crops damage to structures was estimated to exceed 4 billion US dollars and wheat crop damages were estimated to be over 500 million u.s.

Dollars total economic impact may have been as much as forty three billion US dollars causes the floods were driven by rain the rainfall anomaly map published by NASA showed unusually intense monsoon rains attributed to lunia plus or minus a on jun 21st the pakistan meteorological department cautioned that urban and flash flooding could occur from july-to-september in the north parts of the country the same Department recorded above-average rainfall in the months of July and August 2010 and monitored the flood wave progression discharge levels were comparable to those of the floods of 1988 1995 and 1997 the monsoon rainfall of 2010 over the whole country was the highest since 1994 and the second highest during last 50 years a research by Utah State University analyzed conditional instability moisture flux and circulation features and the results support a persistent increase in conditional instability during the July pre-monsoon phase accompanied by increased frequency of heavy rainfall events the increased convective activity during the prime and soon phase agrees with the projected increase in the intensity of heavy rainfall events over northern Pakistan large-scale circulation analysis reveals an upper level cyclonic anomaly over and to the west of Pakistani euro a feature empirically associated with weak monsoon the analysis also suggests that the anomalous circulation in 2010 is not sporadic but rather is part of a long-term trend that defies the typical linkage of strong monsoons with an anomalous anticyclone in the upper troposphere an article in The New Scientist attributed the cause of the exceptional rain fall to freezing of the jet stream a phenomenon that reportedly also caused unprecedented heat waves and wildfires in Russia as well as the 2007 United Kingdom floods in response to previous indus river floods in 1973 and 1976 pakistan created the federal flood commission in 1977 the FFC operates under Pakistan’s Ministry of Water and Power it is charged with executing flood control projects and protecting lives and property of Pakistanis from the impact of floods since its inception the FFC has received RS billion FFC documents show that numerous projects were initiated funded and completed but reports indicate that little work has actually been done due to ineffective leadership and corruption flooding and impact equals floods monsoon rains were forecast to continue into early August and were described as the worst in this area in the last 80 years the Pakistan meteorological department reported that over 200 millimeters of rain fell over a 24-hour period in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab a record-breaking 274 millimeters rain fell in Peshawar during 24 hours the previous record was 187 millimeters of rain april two thousand nine on july thirty five hundred thousand or more people had been displaced from their homes on july 30 manuel bessler head of the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs stated that thirty six districts were involved and nine hundred fifty thousand people were affected although within a day reports increased that number to as high as a million and by mid-august they increased the number to nearly 20 million affected by mid-august according to the governmental federal flood Commission the floods had caused the deaths of at least 1540 people while 2088 people had received injuries 550 7226 houses had been destroyed and over 6 million people had been displaced one month later the tally had risen to 1781 deaths 2966 people with injuries and more than nine million homes destroyed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial minister of information mian iftikhar hussain said the infrastructure of this province was already destroyed by terrorism whatever was left was finished off by these floods he also called the floods the worst calamity in our history four million Pakistanis were left with food shortages the Karakoram highway which connects Pakistan with China was closed after a bridge was destroyed the ongoing devastating floods in Pakistan will have a severe impact on an already vulnerable population according to the international committee of the red cross in addition to all the other damage the floods caused floodwater destroyed much of the healthcare infrastructure in the worst affected areas leaving inhabitants especially vulnerable to waterborne disease in Sindh the Indus River burst its banks near sucker on august eight submerging the village of more khan Jatoi law and order disappeared mainly in Sindh the Reuters took advantage of the floods by ransacking abandoned homes using boats in early August the heaviest flooding moved southward along the indus river from severely affected northern regions toward Western Punjab where at least 1 million four hundred thousand acres of cropland were destroyed and toward the southern province of sindh the affected crops included cotton sugar cane rice pulses tobacco and animal fodder floodwaters and rain destroyed 700,000 acres of cotton 200,000 acres acres each of rice and cane 500,000 tons of wheat and 300,000 acres of animal fodder according to the Pakistan cotton ginners Association the floods destroyed two million bales of cotton which increased futures prices 170,000 citizens of the historic sindh town of that’ fled advancing floodwaters on august 27 by mid-september the floods generally had begun to recede although in some areas such as Sindh new floods were reported the majority of the displaced persons had not been able to return home equals heavy rainfalls recorded during the wet spell of july twenty ten equals heavy rainfalls of more than 200 millimeters were recorded during the four-day wet spell from 27 to july 30 2010 in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab based on data from the Pakistan meteorological department indicates new record the power infrastructure of Pakistan also took a severe blow from the floods which damaged about 10,000 transmission lines and transformers feeders and powerhouses in different flood-hit areas floodwater inundated Jinnah hydropower and 150 powerhouses in diljit the damage caused a power shortfall of 3 5 gigawatts black death due to lack of clean drinking water and sanitation pose a serious new risk to flood victims on August 14 the first documented case of cholera emerged in the town of Mingora striking fear into millions of stranded flood victims who were already suffering from gastroenteritis and died pakistan also faced a malaria outbreak the International Red Cross reported that unexploded ordnance such as mines and artillery shells had been flushed downstream by the floods from areas in Kashmir and Waziristan and scattered in low-lying areas posing a future risk to returning inhabitants the United Nations estimated that 800,000 people were cut off by floods in Pakistan and were only reachable by air it also stated that at least 40 more helicopters are needed to ferry life-saving aid to increasingly desperate people many of those cut off are in the mountainous Northwest where roads and bridges have been swept away by order of President Asif Ali Zardari there were no official celebrations of Pakistan’s 63rd Independence Day on August 14 due to the calamity potential long-term effects equals food equals floods submerged 17 million acres of Pakistan’s most fertile cropland killed 200,000 livestock and washed away massive amounts of grain a major concern was that farmers would be unable to meet the fall deadline for planting new seeds in 2010 which implied a loss of food production in 2011 and potential long-term food shortages the agricultural damage reached more than billion dollars and included over 700,000 acres of lost cotton crops 200,000 acres of sugarcane and 200,000 acres of rice in addition to the loss of over 500,000 tonnes of stock tweet 300,000 acres of animal fodder and the stored grain losses agricultural crops such as cotton rice and sugarcane and to some extent mangoes were badly affected in Punjab according to a harvest Trading’s Pakistan spokesman he called for the international community to fully participate in the rehabilitation process as well as for the revival of agricultural crops in order to get better GDP growth in the future in affected moulton division in South Punjab some people were seen to be engaging in price gouging in this disaster raising prices up to RS 130 per kilogram some called fuzzy Terra kiotti bank limited to write off all agricultural loans in the affected areas in Punjab Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa especially for small farmers on September 20 for the World Food Program announced that about seventy percent of Pakistan’s population mostly in rural areas did not have adequate access to proper nutrition already resurgent in the federally administered tribal areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province agricultural devastation brought on by the floods left Pakistan more susceptible to an increase in poppy cultivation given the crops resiliency and relatively few inputs equals infrastructure equals floods damaged an estimated 2433 miles of highway and 3508 miles of railway and repairs are expected to cost at least 158 million u.s.

Dollars and 131 million u.s. dollars respectively public building damage is estimated at 1 billion US dollars aid donors estimate that 5,000 schools were destroyed climate resilient model villages following the 2010 floods the Punjab government subsequently constructed 22 disaster resilient model villages comprising 1885 single story homes together with schools and health centers the climate and development knowledge Network was engaged to advise on how to make the new infrastructure resilient to extreme weather events occurring in the future the idea was that the villages should provide triple winds of limiting greenhouse gas emissions promoting development and building resilience to climatic events now inhabited the model villages incorporate biogas plants solar energy systems livestock sheds covered sewerage brick paved streets parks play areas markets and community centers equals Taliban insurgency equals it was reported that the flood would divert Pakistani military forces from fighting the Pakistani Taliban insurgents in the northwest to help in the relief effort giving Taliban fighters a reprieve to regroup helping flood victims gave the us an opportunity to improve its image Pakistani Taliban also engaged in relief efforts making inroads where the government was absent or seen as corrupt as the flood dislodged many property markers it was feared that governmental delay and corruption would give the Taliban the opportunity to settle these disputes swiftly in August a Taliban spokesperson asked the Pakistani government to reject Western help from Christians and Jews and claimed that the Taliban could raise 20 million dollars to replace that aid according to US official the TTP issued a threat saying that it would launch attacks against foreigners participating in flood relief operations in response the United Nations said it was reviewing security arrangements for its workers the World Health Organization stated that work in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was already suffering because of security concerns a self-proclaimed Taliban spokesperson based in Iraq say told the express tribune we have not issued any such threat and we don’t have any plans to attack relief workers nevertheless three American Christians were reported killed by the Taliban on August 25th in the Swat Valley equals political effects equals the floods aftermath was thought likely contribute to public perception of inefficiency and to political unrest these political effects of the floods were compared with that of the 1970 bowler cyclone the skepticism within the country extended to outside donors less than twenty percent of the pledged aid was scheduled to go through the government according to prime minister yousaf raza gilani with the remainder flowing through non-governmental organizations the government’s response was complicated by insurgencies growing urban sectarian discord increasing suicide bombings against core institutions and relations with India equals economic effects equals on September 7 2010 the international labor organization reported that the floods had cost more than million jobs stating that productive and labor-intensive job creation programs are urgently needed to lift millions of people out of poverty that has been aggravated by flood damage full costs estimated that the GDP growth rate of 4% prior to the floods would turn to a two percent to a five percent followed by several additional years of below trend growth as a result Pakistan was unlikely to meet the International Monetary Fund’s target budget deficit cap of five point one percent of GDP and the existing 55 billion dollars of external debt was set to grow crop losses were expected to impact textile manufacturing pakistan’s largest export sector the loss of over 10 million head of livestock along with the loss of other crops would reduce agricultural production by more than 15 Toyota and unilever pakistan said that the floods with SAP growth necessitating production cuts as people coped with the destruction parvaz gyres the chief executive of pakistan’s largest automotive Annja facture Toyota described the economy’s state as fragile nationwide car sales were predicted to fall as much as twenty five percent forcing automakers to reduce production in October 2010 from the prior level of 200 cars per day milk supplies fell by fifteen percent which caused the retail price of milk to increase by PK rs4 Perlita relief efforts by the end of July 2010 Pakistan had appealed to international donors for help in responding to the disaster having provided 21 helicopters and 150 boats to assist affected people according to its national disaster management authority at that time the US Embassy in Pakistan had provided seven helicopters the United Nations launched its relief efforts and appealed for 460 million u.s.

Dollars to provide immediate help including food shelter and clean water on August 14 un secretary-general ban ki-moon visited Pakistan to oversee and discuss the relief efforts a pakistani army spokesman said the troops had been deployed in all affected areas and had rescued thousands of people prime minister yousaf raza gilani visited the province and directed the pakistan navy to help evacuate the flood victims by early August more than 350 2291 people have been rescued by the end of August the relief wet financial tracking service indicated that worldwide donations for humanitarian assistance had come to 687 million dollars with a further 324 million dollars promised in uncommitted pledges at that time the secretary-general akmal Eddie Nyssa no glue of the organization of the Islamic Conference stated that Muslim countries organizations and individuals had pledged close to 1 billion u.s.

Dollars to assist in Pakistan’s flood emergency a statement placed in doubt by findings from the UN financial tracking service which indicated that only three of the OIC’s 56 member states a euro Saudi Arabia Turkey and Kuwait a gyro had pledged more than single-digit millions Pakistan’s prime minister yousaf raza gilani stated that by the end of August Saudi Arabia’s support exceeded that of the US yet both UN data and data from Pakistan’s disaster management authority failed to support this claim with need for substantial support to repair infrastructure US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that the Pakistani government enlarge its tax base by asking the wealthy citizens of Pakistan to contribute more for their country by that time both the US and the EU each had contributed about 450 million u.s. dollars a 395 million for the relief effort according to anoka by November 2010 a total of close to 92 billion dollars had been committed in humanitarian support the largest amount by the US followed by private individuals and organizations and Saudi Arabia equals response by national governments equals Afghanistan finance minister omar zach hill wall handed a check worth 1 million u.s.

Dollars to Pakistani ambassador mohammad sadiq at the end of a press conference in afghan capital Kabul Algeria donated a 100,000 to Pakistan Argentina sent drinkable water australia announced that it will double its aid program to pakistan to 60 million dollars in official development assistance in 2010 euro 2011 as well as committing to c-17 Globemaster aircraft to deliver emergency supplies and to assist relief efforts and deploying a medical task force consisting of up to 180 personnel and more than 33 tons of equipment austria donated a million to pakistan azerbaijan gave 2 million u.s. dollars financial assistance to help the victims and eliminate the aftermath of the disaster the Azerbaijani embassy in Pakistan said the Azerbaijani president ilham aliyev ordered to send to heal 76 planes with the humanitarian assistance on board to Pakistan one of the planes delivered 40 tons of humanitarian cargo to Pakistan also the staff of Azerbaijan embassy in Pakistan also transferred its two days salary worth around two thousand dollars to relief fund Bahrain donated million dollars to Pakistan Belarus donated blankets tents can’t meet water and medicines all worth are under 200,000 Belgium donated a 150,000 for the victims Botswana donated 100 3040 US dollars Brazil donated million u.s.

Dollars through World Food Program or life-saving assistance to the affected canada announced that it would donate two million canadian dollars worth of emergency aid 750,000 canadian dollars are expected to be donated to the ICRC for distribution of shelter materials and water sanitation and health services while the remainder goes to the wfp to provide much-needed food assistance on August fourteenth the Canadian government announced an additional 32 million Canadian dollars in aid the Canadian government announced on August twenty second that it will match dollar for dollar citizen donations made to registered charities between august second and September 12 later extended to october 3 2010 sep tember 14 an additional seven point five million Canadian dollars in relief aid was announced by the Canadian government on sep tember 2010 China had provided 320 million yuan worth of humanitarian supplies to Pakistan in four batches with two hundred million dollars USD more aid promised by premier when gob which will total billion yuan as Pakistan’s neighbour and all-weather friend China empathizes with Pakistan on the heavy casualties and property loss caused by the natural disasters said foreign ministry spokeswoman GNU it initially announced that it would provide emergency aid worth 10 million yuan to help the flood victims the People’s Liberation Army donated another 10 million yuan to Pakistan the Chinese Red Cross also gave 50 thousand dollars USD in cash to Pakistan the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan traveled to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and expressed his condolences to those affected by the tragedy on August 13 China announced another emergency humanitarian aid worth 50 million yuan bringing the total official chinese relief aid then to more than 70 million yuan approximately million u.s.

Dollars to the flood-affected pakistani people a Chinese search-and-rescue team arrived in the southern Pakistani city of that’ Sindh province where heavy flood swept away hundreds of villages the Chinese rescue team consisting of more than 60 members set up tents and field hospitals to provide medical services to flood victims the Red Cross Society of China and some of China’s local governments including ningxia hui autonomous region and Sichuan province had also offered cash and material assistance to Pakistan China announced another aid package of 200 million RMB on sep tember 6 saying it was sincere timely and unconditional and that China would continue to offer Pakistan support and help for the reconstruction Chinese ambassador in Pakistan Louise on while meeting with pakistan prime minister yousaf raza gilani said that Chinese total Shin reached 50 million dollars with another batch of two hundred million dollars promised by China’s premier wen jiabao on sep tember 23rd of the UN summit in NY on sep tember 20 china dispatched four of its military helicopters to aid in the search and rescue to pakistan which is the first time china had ever dispatched military helicopters overseas to perform such duties the helicopters are also carrying flood relief aid Cypress donated a 130 1062 to Pakistan the Czech military have sent 24 flights with humanitarian aid Denmark donated 63 million danish kroner in relief efforts and another 130 million danish kroner in further development aid egypt donated medicine medical supplies and foodstuffs estonia donated 64,000 day the European Union released a 10 million to help Pakistan’s flood victims on August eleventh as part of emergency aid to flood stricken country by August 18 the EU had committed to spending a 70 million on aid for victims of the floods Finland government donated a million for humanitarian assistance to the flood victims a 600,000 were channeled through the World Health Organization a 400,000 through the UNHCR and a 200,000 through Finn church aid France donated million a and 35 tons of emergency supplies tarpaulins tanks blankets jerry cans kitchen sets water purification tablets 200 shelters and anti cholera medicines georgia donated a 100,000 in aid to pakistan germany initially committed a 1 million for the victims which was further increased to a 2 million on august six on august 12 germany announced a a 13 million aid package on August thirteenth Germany increased its aid commitment by a 10 million to now a 25 million indirect help plus a 43 million via contributions through international organizations with which it is associated addition there have been private donations to charities in the scale of a 24 million up to August 18 the Muslim community in Germany also donated generously for the vasa teams of pakistan floods Greece donated a 100,000 Hong Kong donated three million Hong Kong dollars to world vision for a relief project for flood victims in pakistan hungary donated a 50,000 iceland contributed 23 million icelandic krona to emergency aid in areas impacted by the monsoon floods in Pakistan Indonesia the government of Indonesia dispatched a cargo flight carrying humanitarian assistance of one u.s.

Dollar million for the flood victims the relief assistance which arrived at the chakala airbase by a chartered cargo flight consisted of 15 tons of emergency supplies included tons of ready-to-eat meals packets three tons of medicines five tons of powdered milk for children four thousand blankets and four thousand sarongs on behalf of the government of the republic of indonesia the donation of the relief goods was handed over by the ambassador of the republic of indonesia eight she mr. is hakala to can Cena to the state minister for information and broadcasting mr. some somali shah bukhari at the tracolla air base on august 7 2010 India on August thirteenth offered condolences and five million dollars in financial aid Pakistan accepted the offer on August 20 a day after the meeting between Indian and Pakistani Prime Minister’s on sep tember first 2010 India raised the aid amount to 25 million u.s.

Dollars nearly 400 indian medical staff have been waiting for the pakistan government’s Fiza approval to help flood victims india had also already supplied the first consignment of 25 truckloads of potato to pakistan iran had committed over 400 tons of relief goods out of which 330 tons had already been delivered by the Iranian transport aircraft as of August 24 2010 Iran also offered to set up field hospitals and community centers for flood victims in pakistan in response to UN’s appeal for help at New York Iran committed 10 million u.s. dollars towards the flood relief in addition to this fund Imam himani Relief Committee was directed to collect private donations from Iranians and donate it to Pakistani government Iranian interior minister also visited Pakistan as the head of a humanitarian mission assessing the needs of Pakistani people in order to facilitate the distribution of Iranian aid to Pakistan during the visit the Pakistani interior minister was invited to Tehran for discussing the flood situation among other matters and the Pakistani minister visited Iran on August 22nd 2010 Iranian interior minister during a meeting with Pakistani interior minister informed the latter that Iran is the third largest donor nation in terms of delivered aid Iran also assured Pakistan of its continued support and aid into future in order to better supply relief to flood victims Iranian president dr.

Ahmadinejad would visit the flood-hit areas of Pakistan Iran also donated 50,000 tents and sent five hundred doctors and nurses to help with ongoing international relief operation Iran started to send an additional 1,100 tons of relief goods to Pakistan on sep tember 5 2010 as part of its ongoing relief operation Iran is also setting up 15 relief and medical camps in every Pakistani province each capable of holding 1,000 families on sep tember 12 2010 Iran allocated an additional 100 million u.s. dollars for pakistan flood relief 51-percent of all relief distributed by International Red Crescent in Pakistan had been donated by Iran Iran announced on November 8 2010 that in addition to five thousand three hundred tons of aid cargo shipped by Iran to Pakistan the Iranian Hajj pilgrims will donate money in the 103,000 slaughtered sheep of Iranian pilgrims to Pakistan Ireland an initial a two hundred thousand was donated by the government of republic of ireland an additional a five hundred fifty thousand was added on august 9 2010 then the total was a 960,000 the Irish media were critical of the country’s government for providing less than half the aid it donated to Haiti after the earthquake there a million was added on August 19 bringing the total at that stage 2 a 2 million the total given to the haiti disaster minister for overseas development peter power TD said at the time that more aid would be forthcoming from ireland and that the country had provided a proportionally greater amount than most other european countries the irish public had provided an additional sum of more than a million by august twenty Ireland proved to be the most generous European country in donating aid to Pakistan Israel offered aid to Pakistan but the official said they have not received an answer from Pakistan on whether or not the age should be forwarded Italy provided a million including a humanitarian aid flight carrying emergency supplies such as medicines generators water purifiers and containers Japan provided 230,000 dollars USD for emergency relief goods while additional assistance of up to 3 million dollars USD was committed for the disaster aftermath in a press release japan announced to extend the aid to million u.s.

Dollars in total in the form of the provision of emergency relief goods as well as food water sanitation etc japan is also expected to send a unit of six helicopters and some 300 SDF troops Jordan a plane carrying food and medical supplies left for Pakistan on august 15 a carried 25-member medical team including nine doctors as well as 21,000 typhoid and cholera vaccines Kosovo donated a 150,000 to the government of Pakistan’s flood relief efforts Kuwait donated five million u.s. dollars to victims of the severe floods in Pakistan according to Kuwait Red Crescent Society the Kuwaiti government lifted a ban on collecting donations this exception was made on the order to collect aid for floods in Pakistan donation amps were set up in mosques and shopping malls across the country the fundraising campaign named Kuwait is with you which began grandly at the Grand Mosque of Kuwait we’re close to 1,000 worshipers donated generously for Pakistan Lebanon sent a plane to Pakistan with humanitarian aid Lithuania donated 50,000 Lithuanian lighters Luxembourg donated a two million 360 4621 to the victims Malaysia donated 1 million dollars to help people in flood-hit Pakistan the Maldives collected 10 million maldivian refire 1 million u.s.

Dollars for Pakistan the people are collecting more money all the Maldivian broadcasting channels held a 24-hour telethon to help Pakistan and got 1,000,000 maldivian revilla malta donated a 13,000 106 mauritius donated 300 thousand US dollars Monaco donated a 120 7065 Morocco sent a plane carrying 12 tons of humanitarian aid Nepal cabinet provided cash assistance of Rs 10 million for flood victims in pakistan netherlands donated a million euros netherlands the population of the netherlands collected more than 17 million euros for relief aid in pakistan the netherlands provided an additional 5 million euros for victims of the catastrophic flooding in pakistan on november 5 2010 New Zealand donated four million new zealand dollars towards relief efforts in Pakistan Nigeria also assisted Pakistan by donating 1 million u.s. dollars Norway facilitated relief operation by providing 30 million norwegian krona nine million norwegian krona were given to you n central Emergency Response Fund and 21 million norwegian kroner were allocated to unicef pakistan Emergency Response Fund and Pakistan Red Crescent Society oman donated 500 thousand US dollars for the victims the oman charitable organization sent 2336 mt of aid to pakistan comprising foodstuffs water dates tents relief supplies and tools Palestine donated 3,000 tons of humanitarian supplies to pakistan poland donated a 190 6590 to qatar Red Crescent appealed for QR million and as part of its ramadan campaign allocated QR million to its humanitarian mission qatar charity started delivering food packs worth QR seven million in collaboration with the World Food Programme it also plans to airlift 80 tons of emergency relief items totaling around QR million Russia have sent to Russian il-76 cargo planes with emergency relief Samoa donated 20,000 US dollars Saudi Arabia allocated more than 360 million u.s.

Dollars for the relief operation topping the list of all donating countries 19 million u.s. dollars donated by the saudi government million u.s. dollars donated by the saudi fund for development and 242 million u.s. dollars collected through saudi public fund relief saudi arabia released a statement announcing the establishment of an air bridge to ferry relief supplies to pakistan 30 major air relief shipments were sent to land in Punjab Sindh Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in what is the largest air bridge in support of flood victims in pakistan the Saudi ambassador abdul aziz bin ibrahim al ghadeer completely dedicated himself to relief efforts and hardly visited his office in Islamabad because of his constant field presence in Lahore Milton and Hyderabad as of august 30 relief goods worth 40 million u.s.

Dollars had been delivered and some 67 million u.s. dollars worth of relief goods were in the pipeline million u.s. dollars had been handed over to National Disaster Management Authority a euro NDMA pakistan in cash to 100 bed mobile hospitals were also donated by the saudi government to the flood victims gaudy public response was also staggering as women donated jewelry to fundraising camps in the aftermath of floods prince alwaleed bin talal and princess ameerah alta wheel visited the flood-affected areas of pakistan and took 10 tons of relief materials with them singapore donated 50 thousand US dollars eight hundred water filters and ten thousand blankets slovakia donated a 170,000 380 slovakia also donated power generators water pumps and tents slovenia donated a 13,000 106 to Pakistan Sri Lanka dispatched 18 metric tons of relief goods worth approximately 3 million u.s.

Dollars to Pakistan on a Sri Lankan Air Force c-130 the health ministry will also send will be in the 15-member special medical team to pakistan spain have sent out two aircraft containing 15 tons of aid material for the victims sweden will send eight water cleaning aggregates which together have a capacity to support 18,000 people with clean drinking water switzerland donated three million swiss francs to pakistan sudan donated 10 tons of food medicine and shelter equipment as well as a medical team including all disciplines syria announced that it would send 35 tons of foodstuffs medical supplies medicines and many other necessary materials to help flood victims thailand donated 75 thousand dollars USD Tunisia has sent a plane with 13 tons of food products medicine blankets and clothes turkey launched the biggest aid campaign in modern Turkish history turkey donated a 5 million to Pakistan initially in addition to 115 tons of humanitarian aid consisting of food packages blankets sleeping bags and beds delivered to Pakistan Red Crescent Society by August 18 turkey donated more than a 13 million and issued a rallying cry and launched a large-scale relief effort for flood ravaged Pakistan turkey also sent ever largest humanitarian aid shipped diffin with tons of aid materials turkey also sent a train carrying humanitarian aid for the flood-stricken pakistan the train is loaded with humanitarian aid collected by turkey saba atv group and Turkish Red Crescent the aid consists of three hundred prefabricated houses two thousand food parcels 930 sacks of flour hygienic materials dried food diapers and potable water apart from the state and its organizations a number of Turkish businessmen also initiated aid campaigns for Pakistan the Turkish business community in Belgium also donated an amount of a 30,000 the Turkish government also announced building of a turkish town in the flood-stricken pakistan turkey donated a total of eleven million dollars to Pakistan Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan also visited parts of flood-stricken Pakistan edler way into witness aid efforts including the completion of a village of 2,000 prefabricated houses built by the Turkish red crescent near Moulton after the flood when the Turkish Prime Minister could not come to Pakistan due to his engagements he sent his wifey minor dough Willian to help the flood victims she immediately came to Pakistan and personally gave the keys of the houses constructed by Turkish welfare organization to the flood affectees she soon after her visit to Pakistan not only mobilize the international community by writing personal letters to the spouses of the other heads of states and governments but also donated her personal jewelry including her precious necklace for the flood relief efforts prime minister yousaf raza gilani conferred on become a minor degan hillel I Pakistan the highest civilian medal of Pakistan for her efforts for the flood victims in a moving act of affection and a deep desire to help a nine-year-old turkish girl Merv Tekken a donated her one year’s pocket money and her doll as a contribution to Pakistan’s flood relief effort turkmenistan sent about 40 tons of cargo including food and medicines United Arab Emirates ordered for sending humanitarian assistance on emergency basis and sent a team of 42 troops of the UAE Armed relief team along with fleet of Chinook helicopters which evacuated more than 3,000 people the UAE force in Afghanistan distributed 30 MT of relief materials and food to flooded areas of the country the UAE force worked jointly with the armed force of Pakistan in the areas of Punjab Sindh and Balochistan the UAE also pledged to donate five million dollars for the flood relief operations in Pakistan a telethon campaign named our nakum by the Red Crescent Authority raised 72 million United Arab Emirates dirhams through shopping centers mobile phone messages radio and television stations Her Highness Fatima bint Mubarak Al kit be the wife of the founder and the first president of UAE personally donated 5 million United Arab Emirates dirhams towards the aid of floods victims in pakistan the Red Crescent also dispatched 70 tons of essential relief supplies UAE through Red Crescent also dispatched to two ships carrying basic necessities for the flood victims worth 10 million u.s.

Dollars mobile military medical field hospitals were also set up by the UAE in parts of Punjab Sindh and Balochistan to provide medical aid the UAE embassy de to Pakistan Ali SEF a lawanee also devoted himself and supervise coordinated and facilitated the relief operations and also visited mobile medical hospital and attended massive vaccination campaigns in the affected parts of the country UAE will also build an Emirates village in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at the cost of 8 million u.s. dollars with 20,000 tents accommodating 140,000 people Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan also announced the vaccination of 750,000 children in Sindh recently UAE launched a 100 million dollars project for assisting Pakistan’s flood affected people the project will include creating job opportunities in the flood tight areas with focus on education public health roads and bridges the United Kingdom committed a 134 million pounds to the relief and recovery effort in addition to bringing forward million pounds bridge project to replace some of those washed away private donations coordinated via the disasters Emergency Committee totaled more than a 60 million pounds interventions carried out or underway include the flying in a four hundred metric tons of aid and providing tents shelter kits blankets water containers and nutritional interventions former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown also acknowledged the slow international response and urged British public to donate generously additionally Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minister described the international response as absolutely pitiful on August 16 one person to respond was His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales who established a major recovery fund to help support projects on health education livelihoods and reconstruction the Pakistan recovery fund will raise a minimum of a 2 million pounds towards this cause the United States stated that it would provide 56,000 ready meals on August first and 212 temporary bridges and to water filtration plants to help the flood victims as part of a 10 million u.s.

Dollars aid pledged commenting on the floods the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated the Pakistani people are friends and partners and the United States is standing with them as the tragic human toll mounts from flooding in northwest Pakistan Hillary Clinton personally donated ten dollars for flood relief in an effort to encourage people to donate no matter how small the amount on august 10 u.s.

Announced another 20 million dollars to provide relief for the affected taking the flood related aid from united states to 55 million u.s. dollars on august eleventh us increased its assistance for flood ravaged pakistan to 71 million dollars additionally United States initially provided six US Army ch-47 Chinook helicopters from their duty in Afghanistan on Olga stupor stallion helicopters to assist Pakistan Army in their relief efforts the two helicopters are first of 19 Ella copters that US Defense Secretary Robert Gates urgently ordered for Pakistan in next few days Senator John Kerry also visited Pakistan in order to survey the damage from the disaster and to raise US public awareness about Pakistani relief needs on August 13 us increased its aid to 84 million u.s. dollars as USS peleliu gets ready to dispatch more helicopters pledged earlier by US defense secretary in addition to this the United States is providing 3 million dollars to the World Health Organization to expand the capacity of Pakistan’s disease early warning system and to establish the first 15 treatment centers for waterborne illness it is also working with the humanitarian community to spread awareness through radio stations regarding safety precautions against waterborne diseases on August 14 further to ch-53e super stallion and mh-53 ec dragon arrived in pakistan to work with Pakistan military in flood-affected areas on Thursday 20th August the United States pledged an additional 60 million dollars to the UN flood relief effort in Pakistan bringing its total contribution to 150 million dollars in a move designed to encourage other governments and private donors to boost their aid on Friday 27th August the USS kearsarge and her amphibious ready group will deploy to Pakistan to assist Uzbekistan sent three hundred thousand euros worth of humanitarian aid to Pakistan Vietnam donated $50,000 Yemen donated relief materials including medicine and edible oil World Bank provided million u.s.

Dollars to Pakistani government for relief work the bank additionally approved a loan of 900 million u.s. dollars for medium and long-term reconstruction united nations educational scientific and cultural organization launched a major project titled a euro OE strategic strengthening of flood warning and management capacity of pakistani euro under the leadership of Professor shiraz khan in cooperation with the government of japan primary object the proposed project was to reduce human and socio-economic impacts of flooding in Pakistan to improve the social economic and ecological benefits of floods and to foster safer human settlements near flood plains accomplishing this objective required enabling the County erro unregistered trademark s capacity to deal with floods and watershed management in a holistic manner by developing around three interrelated pillars that is strategic augmenting of flood forecasting and hazard maps data sharing platforms and capacity development these pillars were further divided into five components which incorporated short-term and medium-term interventions to provide the much-needed support for immediate strengthening of early warning systems while building on lessons learned from the 2010 floods to address the long term forecasting disaster management and data sharing issues project is now successfully complete International Monetary Fund also offered to discuss how to help Pakistan manage the economic impact of the floods asian development bank offered a loan of 2 billion US dollars for the reconstruction efforts Islamic Development Bank offered a loan of 11 million u.s.

Dollars for the reconstruction efforts equals response by non-governmental organizations equals the Islamic Turkish NGO ihh sent 450 tons of supplies on a train and another on a cargo aeroplane as well as 3,000 tons of medications medical materials textile products tents blankets cleaning materials and kitchenware ihh open 10 water purification units to supply clean drinking water the foundation also set up to tent camps a camp of 70 tents was set up in no scherer a city northwest of Islamabad to house 500 people displaced by flooding the camps include tents for schooling and for medical doctors after the urgent relief works ihh started to build permanent social projects for the upcoming winter season in the first phase 100 permanent houses for the flood victims are to be built dec and member charities the uk-based disasters emergency committee reported that as of October fifth its flood relief appeal had raised over a 60 million pounds as of September 14 Dec member agencies and their partners had helped nearly three million people for the first time in the de seized 45-year history they saw donations rise rather than fall in the second week of an appeal and they then saw them rise again and the third week Oxfam is currently providing clean water and hot meals to over 180,000 people in total Oxfam aims to reach around 900,000 people with clean water sanitation kits and hygiene supplies Save the Children is using helicopters donkeys and boats to deliver doctors and medical supplies to families cut off by the water it has sent a medical team and medicines on donkeys in a lie treated more than 1,000 patients and plans to distribute 800 shelter kits including tarpaulins jerry cans and plastic glasses to flood affected families the Red Cross has dispatched food and shelter items for distribution by Pakistan Red Crescent volunteers to tens of thousands of people additionally it has provided medicines and medical supplies to hospitals and health centers enabling Pakistan Red Crescent health care units to treat thousands of people care international has provided water purification tablets tents family hygiene kits kitchen sets tarpaulins and mosquito nets to thousands of survivors mobile and basic health care units have provided health services to around 4,500 people islamic relief is distributing 3570 family hygiene kits in nowshera and mardan districts benefiting 24 thousand nine hundred ninety people also it is distributing 2850 household kits and 2850 kitchen sets to benefit 19 thousand nine hundred fifty people pakistani cricket starshade afridi’s working with the NGO in raising the aid for the disaster CERN has helped 18,000 people and 6,500 people in shahzada district have received emergency packages concern had raised more than a 1 million in public donations from the Irish public by August 13 2010 World Vision is currently providing clean water and food in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is treating people at five health clinics the agency plans to reach 150,000 people during the first 90 days with relief items including water purification packets hygiene kits tents cooking items and food it also aims to provide cash for work activities to 1,000 people open additional health posts set up 20 child-friendly spaces and 20 women friendly spaces to provide a safe and comfortable environment for children and women to interact with peers and receive support world vision plans to expand these efforts as floodwaters recede and more communities become accessible other charities al-qaeda matte foundation a large number of al-qaeda mat volunteers vehicles and ambulances took part in rescue operations in different areas saving numerous lives and helping to evacuate stranded populations from flooded places over 22,000 volunteers took part in the relief efforts establishing approximately 1,000 relief camps and around 700 medical camps in the affected areas ERT search and rescue a uk-based search and rescue charity deployed 10 specialist members of their international Disaster Response Team to Pakistan the team of volunteer water rescue technicians doctors and paramedics traveled to the Sindh province with humanitarian aids such as tents water ORS food blankets and medicines etc all paid for by public and corporate charitable donation the team also brought 10 new 17 are one half foot rescue power boats from the UK to use in the rescue missions while their focus humanitarian assistance has deployed disaster assessment response team members community emergency response teams as well as search and rescue teams to assist in coordination with AK dn helicopters with evacuations transport relief supplies and medial teams in collaboration with the Pakistani army focus has transported 200 mt of relief goods 126 mt of food across gilgit-baltistan sinned and Chitral with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency focuses also supplying tents tarpaulins water hygiene kits and blankets as well as basic health care services to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Jill jet belliston Sindh and Punjab provinces humanity first in collaboration with nch d has dispatched over 800 tents as well as mattresses blankets floor mats buckets and shoes over 600 water survival boxes have been provided in collaboration with the british rotary charity world waterworks limited hf has handed out 44 tons of food aid and has assisted over 22,000 people but the response is expected to rise moreover with 31 medical camps over 5,000 patients have been seen heritage foundation of Pakistan dispatched immediate relief packages including food and non-food items to more than 500 families in the district of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by September second 2010 the green caravan our nucleus houses were being constructed these are low-cost houses that employ materials such as bamboo lime mud and stone which have a low carbon footprint more than 150 houses were at hand within a month in various stages of construction with almost 70 houses complete each unit costs 550 u.s.

Dollars and it is hoped that 350 units will be constructed in the region funding has been secured by different sources which include a grant from the Scottish Government the Swiss Pakistan society and many other private donor organizations and individuals HF is planning the next phase of its program which will focus on the empowerment of women through skill training and livelihood opportunities mercy Malaysia has set up two clinics in the districts of Nashira and shahzada each with a local doctor and three medical staff it also sent a team on August twelfth to support the clinics the NGO donated five units of ultrafiltration water systems worth fifteen thousand US dollars and donated forty thousand US dollars worth of tents food and drinking water i c’n a relief canada is actively providing emergency relief across the country icna relief is running medical relief camps in 13 locations distributing free medication and providing ambulance services icna relief is also providing food packages and shelters to the flood victims tenth distribution is being made to help those whose houses have been washed away by the floods i c’n a relief canada has appealed to its donors 45 million dollars raised i c’n a relief canada retrieved September first 2011 Muslim charity has launched a 2 million pounds appeal to help the victims of floods in Pakistan and raised a 2 million pounds as on October 2010 Muslim charity targets to benefit 150,000 people through its activities Muslim charity is providing food to 100,000 people for the month of Ramadan clean drinking water to 50,000 people medical facilities to 30,000 people through its 18 medical camps and shelter to 8,000 people in its second phase of relief work Muslim charity targets to rebuild 500 house to primary schools to medical centers and 10 mosques in Pakistan track khoob ke had raised around a 700,000 in donations from the Irish public by August 13 2010 the organization later said there were difficulties accessing food UNICEF has set up 24 medical camps in the affected areas benefiting around 1 million people giving children hope donated medical supplies and other aid to several medical centers in Peshawar ma copyright dessins Sans Frontieres was in a position to respond immediately due to its long-term present in the country MSF has deployed 100 international and 1200 Pakistani staff to provide medical care particularly disease prevention and resettlement services other organizations UN spider pakistan’s space and upper atmosphere research Commission received assistance through the space aid framework of the United Nations platform for space-based information for disaster management and emergency response during the first phase of the disaster through space aid sue Paco was able to access post and pre disaster satellite data this information was used by Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority and relief organizations to assist response efforts and assess damages humanitarian NGOs such as I map and the Pakistan Youth Organization have been using this information for their operations as well International Center for integrated mountain development through the assistance of Sentinel a/c and international charters provided assistance to the disaster networks in Pakistan space and upper atmosphere research commissioned National Disaster Management Authority Pakistan meteorological department and international agency European Commission they were able to use our maps and geo spatial databases to assist in emergency response and assessing damage extent on daily basis near real-time flood inundation online viewer was also developed to address floodwater direction and its movement which are used in humanitarian assistance the United Methodist Church’s representatives are on the ground with a project that within the week will purify more than million litres of drinking water and benefit more than 73 thousand people a day the Methodist are also helping to bring food relief and emergency shelter to tens of thousands of pakistanis affected by the flooding the Pakistan Cricket Board and English cricket board cricket boards are working together to organize a fundraiser exhibition match for the benefit of flood victims the australian broadcasting corporation had raised at least million australian dollars for unicef’s flood relief efforts through its nationwide radio appeal from Friday 27th August until 3pm on sunday 29th august 2010 stockport Town Council cheshire started a pakistan flood appeal on sep tember 5 2010 equals response by individuals equals the Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has donated million u.s.

Dollars from his private money the Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Abdullah bin Abdulaziz donated million u.s. dollars personally the Saudi interior minister naif bin Abdulaziz al-saud donated two million u.s. dollars personally the governor of two bike province in Saudi Arabia donated 1 million u.s. dollars from his private money the chairman of samba financial group of saudi arabia isa bin mohammed al iza donates 2 million u.s. dollars from his private money Her Highness Fatima bint Mubarak Al kit be the wife of the founder and the first president of UAE donated 5 million United Arab Emirates dirhams from her private money the wife of Turkish Prime Minister Rehman air Dhawan personally donated TL 100,000 and also donated her jewelry including a precious necklace which was very memorable and dear to her as it was given to her by her husband on their wedding she gave it mrs. fauzia Jelani wife of the prime minister yousaf raza gilani to be donated to a flood stricken girl in her dowry the Turkish people bought the necklace in an auction and gave it back to her but she again donated it to the flood victims when prime minister yousaf raza gilani arrived in a camp near dad it was found that eight girls from the floods victims were to get married so the necklace was auctioned again and was bought by chairman of nad ra ali arshad Hakim for RS 16 000 000 and the amount was divided among eight girls ali arshad Hakim gave this necklace to prime minister yousaf raza gilani and once again it came back to the Prime Minister the Prime Minister of Pakistan yosef raza gilani conferred on become a minor degan Hillel II Pakistan the highest civilian medal of Pakistan for her efforts this necklace is now displayed in a showcase in the Prime Minister house Islamabad and it has become a unique symbol of pack Turk friendship Turkish businesswoman Sima tarsal donated TL 500,000 personally Turkish businessman za one-quarter laymen valla plus or minus bar donated TL 350,000 from his private money Merv Tekken a a nine year old turkish girl donated her savings of 83 dot 72 cents and her only doll the kuwait finance house donated two million dollars to pakistan the eq8 petrochemicals of kuwait has donated 100 thousand dollars to pakistan the open society foundation led by george soros donated five million dollars in addition to an initial $50,000 the bill and melinda gates foundation donated seven hundred thousand dollars for flood relief New Zealander Susan Wingate donated medical supplies an undisclosed sum of her private money blankets household goods food clothes and toys more importantly she donated time managing a camp clinic in north karachi where she created a camp classroom and raised relief supplies from Karachi’s Rotary Club Angelina Jolie donated 100 thousand dollars to the United Nations for flood relief operations in Pakistan Tim Beal donated five hundred thousand dollars to the UN for humanitarian aid Queen Elizabeth to made a personal donation to the relief effort for flood victims in pakistan giving an undisclosed amount via the British Red Cross equals response by Islamic militant organizations equals Jamaat harder war an organization which is a front for banned militant group lashkar-e-taiba stated that it had 2,000 workers providing flood relief Judy was banned by the United Nations in 2008 after the 2008 mumbai attacks but was openly distributing aid under the fella insaniyat arm of the organization al-rasheed trust an organization under UN sanctions for its links to al-qaeda was among the first to provide aid to the flood victims hackner made razor an islamic school with ties to the hackney network converted one of their buildings into a shelter and cared for 2500 victims the Taliban offered to raise 20 million dollars for flood relief if the Pakistani government rejected aid from Christians and Jews equals response by corporations equals telenor pakistan donated million dollars from twenty ten to twenty twelve along with rehabilitating 44 public schools at a cost of million dollars karachi electric supply corporation was involved in the flood relief operations providing shelter food medical care electricity and purified water to approximately 30,000 people in that a sorrel sunder and chalon KESC also provided support to four camps in Karachi supplies delivered included tents food general household items water purification plants free medical treatment to around fourteen thousand six hundred people in Karachi KESC supplied free electricity to several districts coca-cola announced a donation of 1 million u.s.

Dollars deloitte a business advisory firm donated a 1 million pounds to the Dec appeal Google foundation donated $250,000 for the flood relief efforts a corporate broadcast was sent to all employees to raise awareness about the disaster BMO financial group Canada’s oldest bank donated one-hundred thousand Canadian dollars in support of red cross relief and recovery efforts in addition the company accepted donations through its BMO bank of montreal branches in canada and its harris branches in the united states the company also waive fees for fund transfers and drafts to pakistan through September 17 2010 dell announced a 150 thousand dollars donation to the flood victims and matched any amount donated by del employees intel donated 100 thousand dollars to American Red Cross for flood relief in addition Intel will match employee donations up to two dollars k per employee a corporate broadcast was sent to all employees to raise awareness about the disaster JP Morgan nated $100,000 Bank of America Corporation donated 50 thousand dollars to save the children BP donated 1 million dollars to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Northwestern Mutual foundation donated 100 thousand dollars to the American Red Cross Microsoft donated seven hundred thousand dollars cash donation deployment of disaster management software for the govt T of Punjab at no cost urgent food supplies to the flood victims in KPK province and software donations to various NGOs currently involved in relief activities Turkish businessman III aight blood donated TL 300,000 on behalf of signer group criticism of response the Pakistani government was blamed for sluggish and disorganized response to the floods the perceived disorganized and insufficient response led to riots with looting of aid convoys by hunger stricken people the lack of a unified government response allowed Islamist groups such as lashkar-e-taiba and jamaat-e-islami to supply aid with minimal resistance Zardari was also criticized for going ahead with visits to meet leaders in Britain and France at a time when his nation was facing catastrophe in Sindh the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party ministers were accused of using their influence to redirect floodwaters from their crops while risking densely populated areas leading Pakistani Union ambassador Abdullah Hussain haroon to call for an inquiry the United Nations criticized the international community for responding slowly despite the ferocity and magnitude of the disaster in august nine only 45 million dollars in aid had been committed which is far less than usual for this scale of disaster in an analysis of the response to the disaster The Guardian said that there was a dire need of relief it quoted the UN’s Humanitarian Affairs coordination office saying that s X million of the 14 million affected our children and three million women of childbearing age this is a higher figure than in the 2004 indian ocean tsunami an analysis by aps correspondent Nahal Toosi suggested that the low death toll the protracted timeline the lack of celebrity involvement the impression of government in competence and donor fatigue were contributing factors British Prime Minister David Cameron was accused by Pakistan of hampering international aid efforts after he claimed that Pakistan was responsible for promoting terrorism equals neglect of minorities it was reported that members of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community who were caught up in floods in muzaffargarh were not rescued from their homes because rescuers felt that Muslims must be given priority members of the Sikh community who arrived at gurdwaras in Lahore also complained of government apathy they said members of their community were abandoned in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and had to arrange for rescues by themselves protests broke out in nyari relief camp after hindu victims of the bog ree and wag re nomadic tribes were served beef by the authorities in violation of their religious beliefs which forbade beef consumption the situation was resolved after officials from the Minority Affairs Ministry intervened equals in equality equals haroon alleged that wealthy feudal warlords and landowners in Pakistan had diverted funds and resources away from the poor and into their own private relief efforts there were also allegations that local authorities colluded with the warlords to divert funds the floods accentuated Pakistan’s sharp class divisions the wealthy with better access to transportation and other facilities suffered far less than the poor see also references external links interagency real-time evaluation of the humanitarian response to the floods in pakistan fact sheet 1995 Euro 2008 describing non-military aid given to pakistan by oecd pakistan floods relief support pakistan floods maps latest news pictures and videos the Pacific disaster center has established a geospatial map service relating to the pakistan flood event pakistan GIS pakistan flood 2010 floods in Pakistan International Committee of the Red Cross updated list of relief organizations and donation resources latest updates on floods in Pakistan latest updates on pakistan flood flood of misery coverage at http English al-jazeera net humanitarian information coverage on relief web video Pakistan in mass flood rescue in pictures floods in Pakistan the real war on terror must begin pakistan flood pictures part one and pakistan flood pictures part two coverage by Radio France Internationale in English flooding in Pakistan Earth Observatory flooding in Pakistan a euro Earth Observatory pakistan flood pictures realized the conditions pakistan floods 2010 relief wiki collecting and disseminating flood related info pakistan flood relief flood relief information UN humanitarian chief john holmes the magnitude of the pakistan floods is unprecedented a euro video report by democracy now mapping pakistan floods overview of up-to-date map sources probable flood affected villages towns and infrastructure pakistan floods 2010 donate for flood victims of pakistan managing a disaster in pakistan prevention web 2010 pakistan floods fao 2010 floods in pakistan george stroumboulopoulos tonight in pakistan at the internet movie database

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