2004 Rams shock Seahawks. 4th QTR Comeback (Part 3)


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Epis copter you touchdowns in a field goal the last three drives in just a little over five minutes it’s a confident group right now you know they’re not so ready to relinquish top billing in the NFC West just fill the division the division winners they came in today kind of the underdog don’t tell that from Lord Bolton cows proud until the time underway Marlin Harris supplemental cost for 2529 a 17-yard return Alex canister brought him down time to check in once again with James Brown in Los Angeles all right a while when in San Francisco down by a timmreck pay hooking up with Brandon Lloyd a quickie three yard touchdown pass to make it twenty of 26 and then the two-point conversion on the field first resistant receiver make the night the judgment back to Lloyd as well sign it please big game for the payback just getting my xav so both NFC west matchup go right down to the wire Graham start from the rope why tie in overtime pass caught by curtain this board one of the fourth-quarter touchdown for the ramps gate of four out of the 33 setting up second down and six what it looks like here the st.

Louis in the second half completely different football team Seattle has not put up allowed that kind of yards passing yards scores in the first three games but they hadn’t seen offense like this all year on second and six off the play fake soldiers camp 581 down field dumps it off and it’s dropped by Marshall Faulk Marshall Faulk uncharacteristic drops here late this game when Mark vultures getting protected I mean he was under fire for the first three and a half quarters Isaac roost on the sidelines right now Kevin Curtis in there don’t know what could be wrong with them for what is wrong certainly want your best players on the field it helps Gramps today 60% up third down nine for 15 on third down facing a 3rd and 6th I have to get to the floor he died Coulter uses one of Iran’s two timeouts here in overtime a lot of young receivers out there right now Sean McDonald Kevin Curtis Dane looker like they were just getting confused trying to get lined up each team gets two timeouts and all the time ramps with one romantic talked about it earlier Brian these teams if damage division rival they all deal to be close games that go right down to the wire this ball coming up tonight Cardinals and Dodgers game four I’ll be nationally Division Series on Fox following football yeah tell you big gay for for watching in st.

Louis huh Kurt Warner in the Giants the Rams here and the Cardinals tonight no time to leave this open know it’s a bag of chips number 34 first down Tori hope not across the 45 a tan 15 yards on hope sittin couch at the afternoon deep they throw a couple of intercepts – three interceptions and when you play like this and you attachment Marc Bulger said you can’t worry about the bad place you just just keep moving it’s like fast-break fat a basketball you’ll turn the ball over you can have some the bad plays you miss some easy dunk those kind of things – just keep throwing and that’s what Marc Bowles is doing right now rumba 46 keep it on the ground with pork and he is across midfield into Seattle Seahawks territory gain of five our culture says that on Wednesday they gave him 135 new place to study we took the books home with them study two hours a night came back Thursday another 135 plays to study I mean I wonder what number of plays are on right now in the PlayBook here in overtime only 135 yeah deep it’s the place I am pancakes playbook holes throughout each and every slide crawl feed every play every night 49 penis gas it has bottled up that will walk a four by Isaiah has of Eskie been a while since the Seahawks have stopped the way from a positive game do you think I got them all up to the line of scrimmage right here that’s that’s the one blip sign to stop the bus like Mark said something for you everybody FIFA motion is shifting movement he goes a lot of times people bat for the running game try to get what we want in the one game not just the passenger Rams have to get to the Seahawks 45 fold here going through it all McDonald exone touchdown Rams win in overtime 52 yards from Boulder horizontal what close was already in the locker room we knew as soon as that fall left his hands that they have won and that is sudden death you can never count the st.

Louis Rams out of any game anywhere in Italy at any time when they have the weapon and the talents that they have and people see criticized Mike Martz all they want about play calling this passing game was unstoppable in the last 10 minutes 23 st. Louis Rams points in the last eight minutes 46 seconds John McDonald scored his first NFL touchdown last week takes it all the way 52 yard reception in overtime he put it in to the Seahawks 10 game home winning streak and extends Seattle to their first loss of the 2004 season well not only that’s ok they said that we are not relinquish being our title here in the NFC West it fell our division to win Marc Bulger celebrated by running into the locker room getting off the field he’s going to have one heck of a trip back home 325 yards in the air for Folger three touchdowns Rams win it in overtime Seattle Seahawks fans stunned as their club led by 17 with five and a half minutes remaining our ups leaderboard Marc Bulger 325 yards three touchdowns Sean Alexander 150 yards on the ground for the Seahawks Sean McDonald the game-winning touchdown reception for the st.

Louis Rams for Brian Bolger and Amy van Dyken Kenny Albert said so long from Seattle out of James proud of a gang in Los Angeles welcome to the SBC postgame show brought to you by SB be going beyond the call the Cardinals Larry Walker’s two homers in Game one becoming at the oldest player to hit two home run and a playoff game hoping to put the Cardinals over the hump in Windows division series taking on the Dodgers and that guy Sean Greene hits two home runs yesterday kept the series alive it will be Game four coming up in just a bit after football here on Fox as we welcome you in to the SBC postgame shows here in Los Angeles and what a wild game st.

Louis in Seattle despite three turnovers st. Louis wins it no matter what the mistakes keep firing good just keep firing I guess Mike Martz a he must know what he’s doing because Mike Holmgren and now and obviously you can second-guess you can look back in your 17 points in five minutes you can say well it could have done this cousin done that but with just a couple minutes to go in the ballgame and with st. Louis having no timeouts they threw the ball picked up the first down run the ball run the ball run the ball kick it down there they get the ball inside the 20 with less than 30 seconds to go they’re not going to beat you but they don’t get up but no timeouts but instead throw the ball in completion and then get sacked and nearly lose a bubble so the time management was really questionable there at the end by Mike and they got exposed a little bit in the secondary came with the blitzes didn’t get there couldn’t get off the field on third down particularly in the second half yeah and they blitz was a very simple reason the thing that got him into overtime was they went in to prevent zone obviously a road said let me put pressure on will do better that and it backfired on it Seattle will be kicking it so collectively after this one let’s take a look at the highlights you see what was wrong push me out of what went right to fine play-action Matt Hasselbeck back stabbed up in that pocket fire to the corner there is Jeremy Stephens 24-yard touchdown one heck of a kiss in Seattle 17 to 7 looking off Lee’s impressive for Porter bolted back sets up guns it staying down the middle beautiful wrap by Kevin Curtis 41-yard touchdown the Adalind and Wilkins Mills a 36 yarder now we’re tied up now we go in overtime now what do you do in overtime Mike March fast and furious here’s your blitz manaman coverage on the outside tellers trying to doll turtleneck speed 52 yard touchdown reception Rams over Seattle on the road holy cow who would have thought that now Seattle travel to New England next week 441 yards for st.

Louis alright Carolina and Denver jake the snake’ plumber picked off in the endzone by Julius Peppers this reminds me of Holly long back in 74 I believe it was 101 yards return before finally being dragged down near the goal lines in his list to exceeding 17 to 13 Carolina fourth quarter put it back to pass actually the lead great Kent put it on yard touchdown 2017 Bronco over Carolina that is your final mogs here we go Niners linebacker Julian Peterson leaving this football game torn left Achilles and it’s Emmitt Smith he is the guy the young man who rushed over 100 yards last week for the cards taken it from junior dot now 2112 Arizona look like a wrap from the Niners Back Bay out of Louisiana Tech finding Brendan would 23-yard touchdown 2826 two-point conversion it works well for the touchdown Lloyd the under throw the perfect throws areare thirty two point conversion 28 28 all right San Francisco will take you there a San Francisco attempts the game-winning field goal we’ll see what happens in this one now after it a little bit last week get an opportunity for a 48 yard maybe put him on the field didn’t have a lot of confidence in his leg with us with the longer kick but I think this being a 33 yarder there’s no question he is just think right he punches through the uprights for the W like to welcome everyone just joining our game it has been a nail-biter the Arizona Cardinals started off on fire Josh McCown threw his first touchdown pass of the season followed that up with another one then the 49ers got back into it thanks to a 71 yard punt return for a touchdown Xion is battle it is heart packed on a kindlier touchdown run let’s call it like it is I mean the last eight players for last eight weeks radical San Francisco than all branded Loida version given before the game 32 yards Peterson Linda’s person we’ve got a flag down now will systems are going to be leaping on the Cardinals you can leave back there you just can’t come down on your own player as a defender and the 49ers say it’s against Arizona I’m talking like our dog sleeping under lavender the defense that certainly is declined killed all his good Arizona was trying to break a losing streak in San Francisco where they had one since 1978 had a 16 point lead in this one San Francisco plays Harding comes back well you know Terry talked about Arizona playing hard for 60 minutes well San Francisco played hard for about 65 minutes and they needed a joke I said both teams really great effort or great ballgame both of them lacking some talent kind of kind of a kind of a mirror image in many ways of the the game we just saw with with st.

Louis and and Seattle in a sense that Arizona jumps up on San Francisco San Francisco looks like they’re out of the thing and battled back tie this thing up and up in overtime though San Francisco comes through with his first victory of the season they are now one and four embassies and all right on the season let’s go now San Diego and Jacksonville San Diego plane and prep the three bleep crack for that your goal line and plenty old gates in the flat one yard touchdown score San Diego the charges up seven up and then breathe out of the shotgun swings out the gate into the endzone 11 yard touchdown reception there’s your final look is in charge of fellows charges who woke you up 44 21 that is your final there I told you please read earlier this week he said he would call make up and we get it done and he got it done see that Finnegan once again play action at the goal line in the back of the end zone Baker wide open 1 yard score tenderness and jet and then four degrees block listen to the rookie out of his classes Bledsoe I’m sorry let’s go going deep in there touchdown Buffalo putting up quite a game then blessed so again back looking firing down the right side of L Mary intercepted by Ferrell Buckley fails to win for the jet boys come one heck of a ballgame that was one 16 to 14 it is the jet and Majesta Maine undefeated tied with New England I got to be honest fellows who would have thunk it the New York Jets at this point in the season will be undefeated so many changes on defense revamp that group got a lot faster I you know give credit to Herman Edwards who made the change he felt necessary weren’t always popular but he made the change you need to make Curtis Martin healthy too that’s a big big part of their football team no question about they are playing pause we’ve got more highlights and scores coming your way after this

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