2001: A Space Odyssey – What Did Stanley Kubrick Know?


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You want answers I take on the title you can’t handle the truth the suggestion that NASA faked the Apollo missions goes back to the very first time Neil Armstrong walked on the moon some believed he never really went others believed that he did make it but the famous footage and photographs are fake to find out more about how and why the landings might have been staged second thought has made this video for you please check it out it’s great in the meantime in this video we’ll consider the fact that if the footage were faked someone had to fake it and the best suspect is legendary director Stanley Kubrick what’s more he may have left clues that exposed the greatest hoax in history not only was stanley kubrick an artistic genius but he was a technical wizard his groundbreaking film 2001 a Space Odyssey made him the obvious suspect to fake the moon landings it came out in 1968 over a year before the Apollo 11 landing yet its depiction of weightless space travel is still hailed as the most accurate in cinematic history Kubrick is known as the most meticulous film maker ever and he worked closely with NASA and aerospace engineers the spaceships and spacesuits were designed in line with actual space travel technology images of the moon were constructed using nasa’s best maps of the surface which is why they still stand up today the film features extensive sequences set on the moon which used miniatures and front projected map paintings to recreate the process of landing and walking on the desolate moon scape theorist Jay Widener says a close examination of NASA footage and still photographs reveals the same camera tricks were used as in Kubrick’s sci-fi epic he believes that Kubrick was hired by the US government to stage the moon landings using the technology and equipment he perfected on 2001 a Space Odyssey furthermore Widener says Kubrick subverted his vow of secrecy by hiding clues to the truth in his 1980 horror masterpiece The Shining the most obvious allusion to the moon landings is in this scene where young Danny Torrance is playing in the Overlook Hotel he is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater and as he stands up it is like the rocket is taking off this is probably a deliberative visual gag on Kubrick’s part given the specially designed carpet of the hotel has a geometric pattern similar to Apollo with Evans launch pad with this in mind Jay Widener argues there are many more references to NASA’s lunar program littered throughout the film the food supplies in the hotel include Tang a powdered fruit drink used by NASA on its manned space flights more subtly the number 11 and the letter A are hidden in shapes throughout the sets and the Native Americans on the tapestry to the left looks suspiciously like Saturn V rockets the same ones used on the Apollo program the film begins with the main characters Jack Wendy and Danny Torrance driving along the going-to-the-sun road in the Rocky Mountains the classical god of the Sun is Apollo later when Jack Torrance meets the manager of the hotel we can see two eagles in the office also Jack’s typewriter is a German Adler or eagle machine the symbol of the Apollo missions was the American bald eagle and the lunar module itself was named the eagle meanwhile the managers outfit comprising of red white and blue clothing means he represents the government’s Jack Torrance on the other hand is an author an independent artist looking for a job to support him and his family while he works on his next project in other words Jack represents Stanley Kubrick and the manager represents the government hiring him to work on the Apollo program the pressure of the huge task gets to him and puts a strain on his marriage Jack’s rant is therefore really Kubrick’s feelings about the dark hopes he was forced to perpetrate ever thought about my responsibilities who ever had a single moment’s thought about my responsibilities and you’ve never thought for a single solitary moment about my responsibilities to my employers does it matter to you at all that the owners have placed their complete confidence and trust in me but I am signed a letter of agreement a contract in which I have accepted that responsibility do you have the slightest idea what a moral and ethical principle is do you has never occurred to my future if I were to fail to live up to my responsibilities cuz I never occur to you as Jack types all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and the nature of the work is hinted at in the typeface a11 for Apollo 11 it is important to note that the shining is adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephen King but none of the allusions to the Apollo program were in the book they were added by Kubrick as part of his changes to the source material these changes included altering the books room to 1/7 to room 237 J Widener says Kubrick changed the number to draw attention to the moon landings the average distance of the moon from the earth is 237,000 miles 237 is also according to Widener the name of the studio where Kubrick filmed the fake NASA mission however most of these illusions are hard to prove the shining is so layered and visually complex that it lends itself to countless interpretations as demonstrated by documentaries and critics nevertheless some of these supposed references to the moon are probably misinterpreted for instance the average distance of the moon from the earth is over two hundred and thirty eight thousand miles it seems unlikely that the meticulous Kubrick would make that mistake in fact the owners of the hotel used for the exterior shots have said that the room number was changed because the hotel had a real room to 1-7 I didn’t want to discourage guests from booking it in December 2015 filmmaker T Patrick Murray published what he claimed was an exclusive interview with director Stanley Kubrick in it Kubrick says I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public involving the United States government and NASA the moon landings were faked and I was the person who filmed it Kubrick’s Widow Christiane says the interview is a complete fabrication the double in the video looks very little and sounds nothing like the real Stanley Kubrick furthermore T Patrick Murray has given no plausible reason why the notoriously private director would give him an interview and why he kept the interview secret for 15 years after Kubrick’s death the directors daughter Vivian made a documentary using footage she filmed on the set of The Shining in July 2016 she issued a statement strongly denying the theory that her father faked the moon landings she argues that he had too much artistic integrity and distrust of government lies to ever want to help them carry out such a gigantic hoax despite claims to the contrary Stanley Kubrick never said he faked the moon landings the people who knew Stanley Kubrick best his family and colleagues all say he never did it and it never would meanwhile theories about clues he planted in the shining only work if you interpret the film one particular way this hasn’t stopped other books and films being inspired by the theory there is something interesting in the argument that Kubrick’s filmmaking tricks were used by NASA to construct the Apollo 11 footage however NASA insists the footage is real as do the Apollo astronauts moreover so does the great director himself just put into the record in the argument put your hand on the Bible well I think stuffing get the fuck out shadows Interop I don’t give a damn about all that shit you’re the one who said you walked on the moon when you didn’t call on the kettle black if every thought of saying I misrepresented my way over me you’re a coward and a liar and a thief well I want you to want you to swear to God out of the Bible that you walked on the moon if you walked on the moon we’re giving the opportunity to swear to God that you walked on the moon beyond they couldn’t cover it up you know exactly you can see on Neil Armstrong photography you say he doesn’t wanna lie this guy just doesn’t want to lie he’s looking down he doesn’t want to say anything this is why he didn’t give any interviews for the rest of his life look at think please do look at that folks that YouTube video of the first Apollo crew to come back a press conference it is it’s really embarrassing I mean it’s just embarrassing it would the lie was so big that they couldn’t they really couldn’t fake it that well it was too much for them very high Freemason gives you the agenda of premade high previously not the smart on pre mission of mystery but the high stuff it gives you their agenda and their philosophy and the religion in the movie and the beginning of the movie 2001 mid 1960s they show you the hickman you’re the hearing eyes supposedly and and the you guys are terrified in the darkness and this the quivering arcades at night and the morning they could cross to the watering bowl and they meet this other tribe of eight men and they shake their fists and so on each other go through a little dance a song dance and and then they have a drink ins of muffle off in their own separate ways and as had been going on forever and in the middle sequences around it is there the showing industry up kqc is part of the religion you understand all this later and I’ll show you our last reprise shaped like a big snake you see and you see on these embers but he’s died from Masonic emblems occultic I’m higher Celtic emblems you see all and even though the story eventually presented spaces starts with his cavemen and an obelisk comes done does this black obelisk and in the bukas is more detailed because the opus pulls each key by one by one and we some jumper London’s toughness testing the motor suitors but the the best smarts and it picks one of them and one day the watering of all instead I went over and shaking their fists and yadi and streaming in and having a drink going home this one picks up a bone because I love the the skull in the crossbones you know of masonry that the pilots like it picks up a thigh bone and then he smashes his enemy over the water hole there and he kills him and I’m telling you that’s the right of might the right of might he will kill the superior as they give you religious but being meek and mild they teach another one for themselves progress is everything called progress they hate something called stagnant civilization arrested civilizations no he must have progress and progress to them has done through those who were willing to kill and become the top hood spider King King at the admit and their jumps from there into the future the year 2001 and an inner space journey occurs supposed to go on the trail of this Ovilus that we don’t earth ends up on Jupiter that’s all cultic is nothing to do with space travel there’s a Masonic initiation in it you see the computer how on board the spaceship traveling to Jupiter kills off to the guys that are with them and then tries to kill off the third guy him he helps market and disables it meaning he overcame all the natural laws how is the Sun like halogen you know I’ll see on Palestine the Greeks how and EGL one letter after each one and alphabet is I IBM he speak Atlas I beam the beam from the Ayodhya fry the beaming from the eyes between the pyramid the capstone and the rest of the pyramid so so everything is shown to you it’s not necessarily understand it’s only necessary do you think you understand whenever it comes off these movies chomping away there you know and what a good movie was next have no idea what it means and in 2010 is a follow-up to the movie and it shows you what’s supposed to happen in 2010 and so this big thing at the end where this guy who escaped the computer remembers in the next movie his timeless ageless he’s become on God because he overcame Halcyon you see the Sun the natural order Hubert came all the laws and he said God and a new Sun appears in the sky but as above so below so a new Sun will appear near the Messiah being on entity whatever it is that they bring force to you with much hullabaloo and fanfare I’m sure but the calendar system did to show you the religion from evolution which is their belief system both physical and spiritual because they do believe in reincarnation but they don’t believe that everybody reincarnates your children will be born in a world of two sentences someday the children of the new son will meet the children of the old ready with who we can’t land on the moon we are touching down for five years we can make a film that shows us going to the moon without actually doing it operation avalanche is the photo documentary narrative of two CIA agents tasked with faking the 1967 moon landing as part of their research and creating a believable fake they visit the set of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey blurring all boundaries between film and reality do you see what’s going on here Kubrick is getting NASA to make sure that his face movie looks like real space and so we’re gonna use his face movie to make sure the real space movie looks like space by framing their film as a period documentary the filmmakers created a unique challenge for themselves how to have their characters interact with the real Kubrick in archival footage well I think was right at the beginning we said we wanted Stanley Kubrick in the movie I thought it was gonna be so easy because there is gonna be film footage of Kubrick and we would just do the same thing that we do all the time which is we take the film footage where you green-screen me into it done everybody’s like wow it’s like Forrest Gump so we get to the moment where it’s like okay so what is the same Lee Cooper footage we can use it’s nothing Kubrick didn’t want any footage on like being any documented footage being taken during the making of 2001 he only had a couple news crews coming which is why all that footage is so brutal it’s based on a real story about the guys investigating Stanley Kubrick 2001 is so connected with the Apollo launch everybody likes saying saying that Cooper was involved so the idea of not having in the movie would be such a letdown but also kind of bullshitting our way into like just show always in the room over there or getting a look-alike all that stuff just wasn’t it was wouldn’t fit in the documentary world that we were fighting so hard in every other respect to create the initial part we wanted to sell that we were actually at Shepperton studios in the UK and we set up a scout our plan was we would go do this tour and then try to sneak away and maybe steal a few shots but when we showed up they gave us our passes and they said okay now wait outside for the person who’s gonna take you around and we just bailed we just found the areas of the lot that there they were the authentic pieces of the lot that would have been there when Kubrick there so he’s shot of lead in to that Shepperton sequence there everything else on the soundstage was recreated from archival stills excuse me uh uh how’d you set this up Tristan zurafa he was the one who came one day and was like okay guys what if we take like high-res stills of behind the scenes of 2001 and we’ll comp Matt into it and I’ll make all those like still images move which sounded so crazy and even he thought that this was crazy because nobody ever done this before so he took the photographs and he did a 3d projection where he turned the photos into 3d space and not only did the world that he’d created look real Kubrick could move he could have actual Stanley Kubrick in the movie it would never normally do this but it’s for a friend his name is Matt Johnson and so right away we like yeah we’ll just put poor everything we have into this we then went on to green screen and on soundstage we’ve recreated camera moves in virtual space which he then mapped back into the geometry of these photographs replacing characters so that Kubrick is actually Kubrick but he’s on the body of an actor so that the body moves in the right way the crazy thing about was reverse engineering these photos trying to figure out okay what lens was a shot on so he would go back and he’d actually find measurements of the soundstage where these sequences were shot and then be able to take that geometry and make estimations about what lens lengths they were using in the photo so that we could use the same lens length the result is a super8 camera that jared has hidden in a bag and we walk onto the set of 2001 which when we first saw even the most rudimentary tests was just like jaw-dropping we’re like wow this like this is really real not bad for you over on the spot it just figured it out jared we’ve turkey we’ve Oh Oh you you

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