🚦RACE 31🚦 Premier League Wacky Races! (Man City vs Man Utd 0-1, Newcastle vs Sunderland 1-1)


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It’s Premier League Wacky Races, Stage 31. Dirty Sanchez is literally a passenger as Arsene’s reignites his title hopes… That’s not the only thing he’s ignited today! Pards is still wittering on about Liverpool’s penalty… GET A GRIP will ya! It was never a pen! I’m warning you, get a grip will ya… …of your car! I did warn him. Pards loses again! Swansea’s new manager finally returns to the track…and he is up against Gaston Villa’s new stock car… My mistake, he is up against Gaston Villa’s laughing stocks. Oh, and they’ve collapsed. Quelle Surprise .

Tony looks deflated after losing his court case… And Tom Robbie Brady has deflated his tyre! It’s Deflate Gate, 2016! The Irons are in touching distance of the top 4! Fabregas finally makes an impact on the Champions League… I’m hearing Sparky Hughes is entertaining spectators with some Car-Karaoke! I feel like I’ll win, I won’t lose! Waltersloo… You’ll be defeated I’ll win the war…. Joselu! …promise to bomb you forever more. WHAT THE F*CK was that?! It’s a car share and points share in the North-East as both of these heavyweights fall away from safety.

Oh, Martin Skorcel’s all over the place here! He’s very rusty… And Cowman has come from behind! Unwell Paleandgreeny looks to get a grip on a top four finish… But it’s RoadRashford, the learner driver, who dents those hopes. And dents his head. A bit like his own speech impediment, Hurrikane continues to make his doubters eat their words with another fine display… With 7 races to go it Nigelesster City who take the chequered flag!

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