Right After Landing In Israel, Trump Turned To The Camera And Made A MIRACLE Happen

President Trump is doing something spectacular. On the second leg of his foreign trip, he greeted Israeli leaders as he landed in Jerusalem and is already maneuvering to make peace in the middle east. He’s going to do it by going after Iran. Trump said this one aimed at Iran.

Jerry Brown Signs His Own DEATH Warrant…Massive New Law Has Millions In REVOLT!

A freeloader is defined as, “a person who takes advantage of others’ generosity without giving anything in return. If you’re a Republican, this term usually applies to illegal immigrants who drain tax payer money while refusing to assimilate or look for work. If you’re a Democrat, a freeloader is a taxpayer. At least,

Internet Erupts When Media Explains Why Trump Was Given Warmer Welcome In Saudi Arabia Than Obama

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is well known for her fiery antics. Which is why her recent comments about former President Obama and current President Trump should not be at all shocking. On Saturday Coulter appeared on Fox News Channel with Judge Jeanine Pirro on her show Justice. They discussed the

Saudi Government Just Made MAJOR Public Announcement That Has Terrified Every Liberal In Washington

The President and certain members of his administration are in the process of a high-profile foreign trip to Saudi Arabia. Most notably Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and First Lady Melania Trump are attending. The President is in Saudi Arabia now and Rex Tillerson has met with Saudi Foreign Minister

SHOCKING: Another “Republican” Traitor Sides With Liberals Against President Trump

We must target GOP scum suckers that are not standing by our America First president. The usual suspects are out in full force, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham. However, there are others who need to be called out like traitor and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, the Palestinian who hails from

Today Trump Called Mike Pence & Said One Thing That INSTANTLY Made The Troops Go Wild

In other news, the media refuses to report on anything good that Trump does. Check out this heartwarming moment from yesterday. Not even a peep on in it in the mainstream media. You got to see the video below. https://twitter.com/_/status/866024540668923904 Vice President Mike Pence vowed that the Trump administration would “rebuild the

WATCH: This Viral Video About Comey’s Past Will DESTROY Him – But Only If People See It

Now we know why former FBI Director James Comey did not press charges against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information. Pastor Jeff Earls explains how James Comey received Clinton money through British bank HSBC. He did not recommend criminal charges during the email fiasco because he is a ‘fixer’ for Washington

OUTRAGE! Obama Holdovers In Trump Admin Have Been HIDING Something Big…

The Deep State is real and has made it clear it intends to stop Trump at every turn.That was very evident during the ousting of Mike Flynn where we saw Obama loyalists sabotage the current administration.In fact, Obama holdovers have been laying traps for Trump and leaking information left and

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Shipping Manifest Proves DEADLY Conspiracy Against Trump

According to the manifest of the seized Clinton Foundation ship, the Chelsea, A terrorist conspiracy was implemented to kill massive amounts of people inside the White House, including President Trump. The manifest showed that table salt from Caledonia had been mixed with cyanide from the Baltic state of Balmora and